About WCGs

Web Code Geeks (WCGs) is an independent online community focused on creating the ultimate Web developers resource center; targeted at the technical architect, technical team lead (senior developer), project manager and junior developers alike. WCGs serve the Web designer, Web developer and Agile communities with daily news written by domain experts, articles, tutorials, reviews, announcements, code snippets and open source projects.

Editorial Team

Web Code Geeks most important team members are their partners. Furthermore we welcome our readers to contribute news, articles, get involved in the discussion threads, and more. We are always on the lookout for partnering with community members that are interested in contributing towards the creation of the best online developers community. If you are one of them you will be welcome to join our team of community editors and news committers. Web Code Geeks editorial team currently consists of the following domain experts.

  • Abhijeet Sutar

    Abhijeet (ajduke) is self-taught, self-organized software developer. His current go to language is Java and also he is exploring other languages such as Scala, Ruby.
  • Adam Costenbader

    Adam is a Consultant at Keyhole focusing on .NET and web application technologies. He strives to help foster a team that feels strong in their communication and technical expertise by listening and teaching.
  • Adrian Matei

    Adrian Matei (ama [AT] codingpedia DOT org) is the founder of Podcastpedia.org and Codingpedia.org, computer science engineer, husband, father, curious and passionate about science, computers, software, education, economics, social equity, philosophy.
  • Ahmed Khan

    Ahmed Khan is the PHP Community Manager at Cloudways, a hosting company that specializes in optimized PHP hosting services. He writes about PHP, MySQL and covers different tips and tricks related to PHP. He is currently active on Cloudways and other different blogs. When he is not writing about PHP, he likes watching The Flash, Game Of Thrones and is a die-hard fan of DC Comics.
  • Alan Hamlett

  • Aleksandr Krasnov

    Aleksandr is passionate about teaching programming. His main interests are Neural Networks, Python and Web development. Hobbies are game development and translating. For the past year, he has been involved in different international projects as SEO and IT architect.
  • Aleksey Novik

    Software developer, Likes to learn new technologies, hang out on stackoverflow and blog on tips and tricks on Java/Javascript polyglot enterprise development.
  • Alex Bowers

    Alex Bowers designed the system at Shopblocks and is a lead developer of the product.
  • Alex Staveley

    Alex Staveley is a software professional passionate about software engineering and technical architecture. He blogs about architectural approaches, Java topics, web solutions and various technical bits and pieces.
  • Alexander Tacho

    Product Lead at Codeship. Co-organizer of @viennarb.
  • Alfred Nutile

    Alfred Nutile is a web app developer and podcaster at DevelopersHangout.
  • Alvin Reyes

  • Amit Saha

    Amit Saha is a software engineer and author of Doing Math with Python. He's written for Linux Journal, Linux Voice, and Linux Magazine.
  • Amjad Afanah

    Amjad Afanah is the founder of DCHQ. He has extensive experience in application deployment automation and systems management. DCHQ was part of 500 Startups.
  • Anand Akela

    Anand Akela is Director of Product Marketing for Application Performance Management (APM) at AppDynamics. Prior to his current role, Anand was head of product marketing of APM at CA Technologies. Earlier he worked at Oracle and HP in various product marketing, product management, and engineering roles in the systems management, servers, data center energy efficiency, and enterprise software areas. Anand has more than 20 years of experience in product marketing, product management, strategic planning and software development. Anand received his MBA from The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University and a B.S. in Computer Science from Pune University in India.
  • Anders Fredriksson

    Co-founder & CEO at ProLeads
  • Andrei Cheremskoy

    Andrei is a Java Developer interested in Deep Learning. He hopes to help developers with just-in-time advice from the programming universe. Particularly, coming from Open Source and Java worlds related to Deep Learning such as Deeplearning4j library.
  • Andrew Glover

  • Ankur Kumar

  • Ant Kutschera

    Ant is a freelance Java architect and developer. He has been writing a blog and white papers since 2004 and writes about anything he finds interesting, related to Java or software. Most recently he has been working on enterprise systems involving Eclipse RCP, Google GWT, Hibernate, Spring and J2ME. He believes very strongly in being involved in all parts of the software life cycle.
  • Anthony Dahanne

    Anthony Dahanne is a Java software developer for 8 years, his favorite topics are Android, building tools, Continuous Integration and, of course, core Java development. Working for Terracotta, he currently implements the REST management interface for EhCache.
  • Antonio Morales

    Antonio has graduated from Computer Engineering in the University of Seville. He also holds a Master degree in Engineering and Software Technology from the University of Seville as well. During his working life he has been involved in a large number of projects both national and European projects from Digital Identity and Security to Semantic Search, NLP and Machine Learning. He is also committer in the Apache Software Foundation in the Apache Stanbol project and collaborator of other Apache projects. Mainly involved in projects based on Java and Semantic technologies, he loves all the new technologies both front-end and back-end side, always eager to learn new technologies to be applied to new projects.
  • Antonio Santiago

    A Computer Science as profession and hobby. Firm believer of Software Engineering and a lover of Agile methodologies. There is no ring to rule them all, every place needs to forge its own master ring. His main field of experience is the Java ecosystem, and he has also worked actively with many related web technologies while looking to improve the client side of web applications.
  • Appdynamics

    AppDynamics delivers real-time access to every aspect of your business and operational performance, so you can anticipate problems, resolve them automatically, and make smarter, more certain business decisions. Application Intelligence provides the business and operational insights into application performance, user experience and business impact of your software applications.
  • Arieh Bibliowicz

    Arieh is a longtime programmer with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise grade software projects. He has worked as server-size programmer, team leader and system architect in a mission-critical high-availability systems. Arieh is currently a Program Manager (PM) in the Microsoft ILDC R&D center for the Azure Active Directory Application Proxy, and also a PhD student at the Technion where he is developing a Visual Programming Language based on the graphical language of the Object-Process Methodology, using Java and the Eclipse platform.
  • ariful-alam

  • Arindam Chattopadhya

    Arindam has completed Masters in Information Technology. His expertise includes enterprise applications architecture, application integration, legacy connectivity, user interface engineering, systems analysis and distributed systems architecture and design. He has hand-on expertise on Java EE , web technology and mobile application development.
  • Arnab_Roy Chowdhury

    Arnab Roy Chowdhury is a UI developer by profession and a blogging enthusiast. He has been writing content for about 5 years and has strong expertise in technical blogs, travelogues, and content in the latest programming languages.
  • Arpit Aggarwal

  • Arthur Arts

    Arthur Arts is an experienced Enterprise Java software engineer and hands-on Agile Coach and Scrum Master. He has a strong focus on agile engineering principles and practices and loves to share his knowledge and learn from others. He currently works for JDriven and also works as a photographer, pastor and writes for agilearts.nl
  • Arun Gupta

    Arun is a technology enthusiast, avid runner, author of a best-selling book, globe trotter, a community guy, Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar, JUG Leader, Minecraft Modder, Devoxx4Kids-er, and a Red Hatter.
  • Arun Kulkarni

    CloudQA is QA as a service with a fresh approach to testing, making enterprise web application QA simpler, better, faster and cheaper. We have unique technology to perform rapid test case discovery, codeless testing and cloud execution which makes enterprise web application end to end testing easy to use and adopt. No installation or extensive setup required. Get going, literally, in minutes. Improve your testing and development productivity.
  • Ashish Awasthi

    An Oracle ACE, Blogger, Reviewer, Technical Lead working on Oracle ADF
  • Ashkrit Sharma

    Pragmatic software developer who loves practice that makes software development fun and likes to develop high performance & low latency system.
  • Ashok Sharma

    Ashok Sharma is the Digital Strategist at GrayCell Technologies, a Digital Design & Development Partner based in India but operating worldwide. He helped businesses gain more traffic and online visibility through technical, strategic SEO and targeted PPC campaigns. Connect him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter for a quick chat.
  • Ashwin Kumar

  • Austen Collins

    Austen Collins is the founder of Serverless Framework.
  • Ayusch Jain

    Ayusch is a Software Engineer currently working in Android Development. He's worked long enough that he's transformed into an Android himself :P. Additionally, he also maintains a community of Android developers called: AndroidVille and writes about Android on his website: https://ayusch.com
  • Balamurugan

    Balamurugan works at pCloudy as a Brand Marketing. He has 8+ years of experience in SEO, SEM, Social media and Email Marketing. He likes to read current affairs, technology blogs and enjoys Carnatic music.
  • Barry Jones

    Barry is a business owner, infrastructure nut, and database obsessed web developer who spends too much time in Ruby, Go and PHP code. He blogs about it at brightball.com.
  • Benjamin Cane

    Benjamin Cane is a systems architect in the financial services industry. He writes about Linux systems administration on his blog and has recently published his first book, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Troubleshooting Guide.
  • Benjamin Young

    Benjamin Young is a User Experience Engineer and Information Architect. He also organizes @RESTFest & @OpenUpstate.
  • Bilal Ahmed Yaseen

    Bilal is professional, experienced and qualified software engineer involved in the design and development of various business and enterprise applications. He has best problem-solving, imaginative, innovative and excellent communication skills. He graduated from One of the most prominent University of Pakistan, Punjab University College of Information and Technology. He works as a Software Engineer in the multinational organization where he is mainly involved in the enterprise applications based on Java, Groovy & Grails and MySQL Server.
  • Bozhidar Bozhanov

    Senior Java developer, one of the top stackoverflow users, fluent with Java and Java technology stacks - Spring, JPA, JavaEE, as well as Android, Scala and any framework you throw at him. creator of Computoser - an algorithmic music composer. Worked on telecom projects, e-government and large-scale online recruitment and navigation platforms.
  • Braden Kelley

  • brandon Hilkert

    Brandon Hilkert is the CTO of Bark.us. Avid father, husband, runner and beachgoer. He recently wrote a book on building Ruby gems. He frequently writes about Ruby and open source at brandonhilkert.com.
  • Brandon Parise

  • Branislav Vidovic

  • Brendan Fosberry

    Brendan Fosberry is a software engineer at @codeship. He has a background in Datacenter Automation and Docker services and can usually be found fiddling in Go, Ruby or C#.
  • Brett Smith

    He has been a software developer for the last 20+ years. He has used the Microsoft .NET technologies as well as Java across several industries (retail, education, pharmacy, document management, government). He has done desktop and web development as well as dabbling in some Android development. Recently he has been learning JavaScript and Angular.
  • Brian De Sousa

    Brian De Sousa is a senior software developer working in the financial industry. He has over 10 years of experience developing web applications with a variety of web technologies. He has a passion for developing solutions using the latest and greatest technologies and frameworks.
  • Brian ONeill

  • Brian Troutwine

    Brian Troutwine is a senior engineer at AdRoll. He also speaks publicly about real-time, fault-tolerant and critical software in high-scale and/or embedded systems.
  • Byron Kiourtzoglou

    Byron is a master software engineer working in the IT and Telecom domains. He is an applications developer in a wide variety of applications/services. He is currently acting as the team leader and technical architect for a proprietary service creation and integration platform for both the IT and Telecom industries in addition to a in-house big data real-time analytics solution. He is always fascinated by SOA, middleware services and mobile development. Byron is co-founder and Executive Editor at Web Code Geeks.
  • Carlos Andres

    Carlos Andres has graduated from Computer Engineering in the University cooperativa de colombia. He also have a certified in Cloud Architecture from ICESI university and Development Enterprise applications with java technologies from San buenaventura University. During his career he has been involved with a large number of projects ranging from insurance to virtualization products like a programmer, software designer and architect. he works as a technical lead in the software sector where he is mainly involved with projects based on Java, SOA, microservices, cloud and front end technologies.
  • Chandan Pandey

    Chandan is Sun Certified Enterprise Architect having 8+ years of hands on coding experience and wide range of domain exposure as CMS, Telecom, Networking and Banking. He practices Agility, writes Clean Code and believes that great leaning can be enabled only through even greater sharing.
  • Chris Berry

    Chris is a Consultant at Keyhole with a focus on .NET and JavaScript technologies. He likes to dive in and look at the architecture of an application to learn how all of the moving pieces are handled. In the end, he loves to pass along what he's learned and to help people make some good design choices for all aspects of a project.
  • Chris Shatrov

    He is a developer with experience in planning, coding, testing and maintaining web applications. Doing what I love and loving what I do. Professional goal: be the best full stack programmer I can be. "Never settle, always expand and progress."
  • Chris Ward

    Chris Ward is a technical writer, speaker, and developer.
  • Chris Wolfgang

    Chris Wolfgang is the editor of Codeship's blog. She has written and edited for the tech world for longer than she would care to admit.
  • Christopher Leneve

    Chris is a developer with over four years of experience. He has come to specialize in web development over the years. Chris is very interested in IT in general, as well as robotics.
  • Cindy Potvin

    Cindy is a programmer with over 5 years of experience developing web applications. She also works on Android applications and share her knowledge via her blog and on Twitter.
  • Corinne Kunze

    Corinne Kunze is a full stack web developer with a design background. She specializes in building JavaScript and Ruby on Rails applications. She currently creates and rebuilds apps at Planet Argon.
  • Dagin Fullmer

    Dagin Fullmer is a Keyhole Software Consultant specializing in single-page web applications and full-stack development. Outside of development, Dagin spends his time as a father, husband, board game enthusiast, and bookworm. His favorite quote is “Being vague is almost as fun as that other thing.”
  • Dan Newton

  • Dani Buiza

    Daniel Gutierrez Diez holds a Master in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Oviedo (Spain) and a Post Grade as Specialist in Foreign Trade from the UNED (Spain). Daniel has been working for different clients and companies in several Java projects as programmer, designer, trainer, consultant and technical lead.
  • Daniel P. Clark

    Daniel P. Clark is a freelance developer, as well as a Ruby and Rust enthusiast. He writes about Ruby on his personal site.
  • Daniel De Souza Carvalho

    Daniel de Souza Carvalho is an full-stack enterprise application developer, and partner of the Brazilian company Advisor Tecnologia. He codes for WEB and mobile devices with Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and SQL. Moreover he does research in complex systems, artificial intelligence and computer science with Wolfram Language (Mathematica), and uses as his main platform: Linux, Oracle DB, MySQL, CouchDB and MongoDB, Tomcat and Cordova. He did Computer Engineering at college and MSc in Electrical Engineering.
  • Daniel Khan

    Daniel Khan is a technology strategist, focusing on driving support for emerging technologies like Node.js and MongoDB at Dynatrace
  • Daniel Olszewski

    Daniel Olszewski is a software developer passionate about the JVM ecosystem and web development. He is an advocate of clean, maintainable, and well tested code.
  • David McGaffin

    David McGaffin is a senior engineer at Codeship. He likes coming up with new project ideas... and finishing some of them. He also likes learning new songs on his ukulele.
  • Derek Haynes

    Derek Haynes is a cofounder of Scout, an avid Rubyist, a bungling Elixirist, and a lover of beautifully presented data.
  • Dhiraj Ray

    He is a technology savvy professional with an exceptional capacity to analyze, solve problems and multi-task. He is an avid reader and a technology enthusiast who likes to be up to date with all the latest advancements happening in the techno world. He also runs his own blog @ devglan.com
  • Dmitry Mishchenko

    This year I graduate from Applied Mathematics department of Brest State University. I'm fond of genetic algorithms and my degree work will be about generating timetables. Also I'm keen on programming and web-development, especially Java and Javascript. Now I work as a Java Developer at Java department of VRP Consulting.
  • Dmitry Noranovich

    Dmitry teaches physics and moonlights as a Java developer. He is experienced in building Web applications using a full-profile application server as well as in Java SE. Also he is fond of teaching on-line programming courses
  • Dobb Mayo

    Dobb Mayo is the leader at Awesome Automation whose passion is to help teams become more efficient. Known as a Toolsmith and utility writer that solves problems and saves companies money
  • Dominik Przybysz

    Dominik is a software developer in TouK, committer in Apache Aries and contributor in some open source projects. He writes code using generally the JVM languages, occasionally also makes some scripts in python or shell. Dominik loves testing (especially written in Spock) and any automation in the software development process. He takes care of the clean code (his or someone's else) through frequent code review
  • Donna Begger

    Donna Beger has 20+ years of experience in IT. Well versed in full software development lifecycle with a strong focus on user experience, usability, code reuse & maintainability. Current projects include a variety of technologies including Backbone.js, Ext.js, Java, .Net, and SQL.
  • Dustin Marx

  • Dylan Steele

    Dylan built his first website in 1998 and hasn't stopped since. In that time he has worked for corporate, government, educational, and non-profit organizations, including NASA, National Resources Defense Council, and the Melanoma Research Alliance. He currently works as a UI developer, waging a one person war on bad user experience and finding creative solutions to complex problems
  • Eddy Mavungu

    Political scientist, Software and network engineer, Philosopher and Activist, Father, Husband, Christian and African
  • Eivar Montenegro

    Eivar has graduated from the Faculty of Computer Systems Engineering from the technological University of Panama. During his career he has been involved in numerous projects ranging from programming and design of information systems, billing platforms, social networks, mobile applications and web applications. He works as an independent software consultant and is mainly involved with projects based on web technologies like Wordpress, Laravel, Servlets (Java), HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
  • Emil Galen

    My name is Emil van Galen, I work for JDriven. I'm passionate about software development and continuously seeking for ways to improve code, learn new technologies, improving software design and keeping things fresh.
  • Emmanouil Gkatziouras

    He is a versatile software engineer with experience in a wide variety of applications/services.He is enthusiastic about new projects, embracing new technologies, and getting to know people in the field of software.
  • Enola Labs

    Enola Labs is an Austin, Texas-based web and mobile app development company that builds custom products for companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.
  • Era Balliu

    Era is a Telecommunications Engineering student, with a great passion for new technologies. Up until now she has been coding with HTML/CSS, Bootstrap and other front-end coding languages and frameworks, and her recent love is Angular JS.
  • Eran Kinsbruner

    Eran is Director, mobile evangelist at Perfecto with 20 years of software development and testing experience especially in the mobile space. An author of the “Digital Quality Handbook”, patent holder, blogger, speaker and thought leader
  • Ethan Jones

    Ethan Jones is a support engineer at Codeship. You might know Ethan from Codeship webinars or eBooks. If you're a Codeship user you most probably interacted with Ethan before.
  • Evan Glazer

    Evan Glazer is a software engineer and self-starter at Edukate, where he uses Ember and Ruby on Rails and works with natural language processing and machine learning.
  • Fabio Cimo

    Fabio is a passionate student in web tehnologies including front-end (HTML/CSS) and web design. He likes exploring as much as possible about the world wide web and how it can be more productive for us all. Currently he studies Computer Engineering, at the same time he works as a freelancer on both web programming and graphic design.
  • Fadne1989

  • Fahd Shariff

    Fahd is a software engineer working in the financial services industry. He is passionate about technology and specializes in Java application development in distributed environments.
  • Farhan Khwaja

    Farhan is a software engineer working in retail domain. He is an ETL/UNIX/Teradata developer. He is also the founder and editor of Code 2 Learn.
  • Federico Tomassetti

    Federico has a PhD in Polyglot Software Development. He is fascinated by all forms of software development with a focus on Model-Driven Development and Domain Specific Languages.
  • Felicia Rosemond

    Felicia Rosemond is active software engineer for over 20+ years. During her tenure at various companies Felicia has worked in all aspects of the SDLC using methodologies from Waterfall to Agile. Felicia has had multiples roles from leading a team to developing test harnesses for hardware systems.
  • Everett Griffiths

    Everett Griffiths is a senior software engineer with a passion for writing clean and tested code that scales.
  • Florian Motlik

  • Folker Debusscher

    Foreach is a Belgian software developer specialized in Java and .NET development. With thirty in-house developers, they mainly focus on designing and building complex web applications, with a preference for open source technologies.
  • Francesco Azzola

    He's a senior software engineer with more than 15 yrs old experience in JEE architecture. He's SCEA certified (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect), SCWCD, SCJP. He is an android enthusiast and he has worked for long time in the mobile development field.
  • Francis Adu Gyamfi

  • Fredrik Andersson

    Fredrik Andersson is a web developer for going on 17 years, and with almost unlimited enthusiasm for JavaScript, Rust, Serverless, and GraphQL.
  • Gabriele Marcantonio

    Gabriele Marcantonio young software developer who started coding at the age of 13. On his blog, https://thedumbfounds.com and Youtube Channel, he teaches Backend Web Development and Computer Science for Web Developers, currently focusing on creating Machine Learning Web Applications.
  • Gerard Davison

  • Gergely Nemeth

    Gergely Nemeth built RisingStack, and is a software engineer, architect, and conference speaker.
  • Great Cristescu

  • Guglielmo Iozzia

    Guglielmo is currenty a Big Data Delivery Lead at Optum Ireland. He has been a software engineer and architect for a variety of Java and Scala applications (Big Data, web, cloud, web services, mobile). Since 2018 he is also a frequent speaker to international conferences. His first technical book is going to be published in December 2018
  • Habeeb Bombata

    Habeeb Bombata is a UI/UX designer with a love for JavaScript, transitioning to full stack.
  • Harish Rajora

    Harish is a computer science engineer. He loves to keep growing as the technological world grows. He feels there is no powerful tool than a computer to change the world in any way.
  • Harita Ravindranath

    A seasoned Quality Engineer with enthusiasm in Full Stack Development. Harita also enjoys reading, blogging and learning Japanese.
  • Harvey Jones

    Harvey is an abomination. He topples his peers when it comes to writing beautiful code. He loves football and hates working on weekends. He currently works at CarbonTeq
  • Heiko Webers

    Heiko is the author of Rails Security Guide and Rails Security Strategy, as well as a developer and micropreneur. You can read more of his work here.
  • Himansh Jain

    Works as the technical leader of an ADF Development team, An active member of OTN Jdev/ADF Forum of Oracle Community. He has written more than 200 article about Oracle ADF and JDeveloper. Many of his articles got published in WebLogic community newsletter and Oracle ACE newsletter from time to time. Awarded with Oracle ACE title (♠️) in the year 2015 for his contribution in Oracle Technology Network.
  • Himanshu Sheth

  • Howard Steele

    Howard Steele is a skilled web designer with over 10 years of experience in online marketing and website development. He is the founder and chief editor of https://superbwebsitebuilders.com - the blog, where he writes and publishes informative articles on web design and reviews of website builders to share his knowledge with users.
  • Ilias Koutsakis

    Ilias has graduated from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He is interested in all aspects of software engineering, particularly data mining, and loves the challenge of working with new technologies. He is pursuing the dream of clean and readable code on a daily basis.
  • Ilias Tsagklis

    Ilias is a software developer turned online entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Executive Editor at Web Code Geeks.
  • Ilija Eftimov

    Ilija is a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer working as a consultant at Siyelo. He loves experimenting with Ruby and Rails. Blogs regularly at rubylogs.com.
  • Ima Miri

    Ima is a Senior Software Developer in enterprise application design and development. She is experienced in high traffic websites for e-commerce, media and financial services. She is interested in new technologies and innovation area along with technical writing. Her main focus is on web architecture, web technologies, java/j2ee, Open source and mobile development for android.
  • Ivan Mushketyk

    Ivan is a passionate software development engineer with a vast experience in different domains, including cloud computing, networking, artificial intelligence, and monitoring. Outside of work, he is a big Open Source enthusiast and has made several contributions, most notably to Gatling and Apache Flink. He is a Pluralsight author and enjoys writing for technical blogs such as SitePoint, DZone, SimpleProgrammer, and his blog Brewing Codes.
  • Jacob Zimmerman

    Jacob is a certified Java programmer (level 1) and Python enthusiast. He loves to solve large problems with programming and considers himself pretty good at design.
  • Jakub Holy

    Jakub is an experienced Java[EE] developer working for a lean & agile consultancy in Norway. He is interested in code quality, developer productivity, testing, and in how to make projects succeed.
  • Jakub Stas

  • James Carr

  • Janaka Bandara

    A budding software engineer in the enterprise integration space, and a simplistic guy who likes to learn, appreciate, help, share, and enjoy life
  • Jason Clark

    I am a highly motivated I.T. professional with a proven track record of achievements through my 35+ years experience, providing effective solutions to problems. Since 2007 I have been a SharePoint Sys Admin / Developer / Architect, delivering effective software solutions and systems for stakeholders, using 6 sigma and Agile methods has allowed me to discover better and faster ways to achieve the end solution. I started computer programming in 1982 creating games for UK home computers, then business software in the late 1980s on an IBM PC and through my BSc Computer Science degree moved to web development in 1994. During my career I have developed large and small scale software projects with a variety of companies using different languages and methodologies, some successful and some not so.I have since 2012 updated my knowledge on modern software development techniques through my Master Degree studies with the Open University (Agile, Lean Software Development, UML) and project management training (Requirements, Managing Resources, User Stories, Project Costs) and further online study.I am keen to pass on this knowledge and help others further their knowledge.
  • Jason Kriss

    Jason Kriss is the founder of Pagefront, a tool for hosting and deploying Ember apps.
  • Javin Paul

  • Jayakumar Rathnam

    Jayakumar Rathnam graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India in the year 1983. Transition to being “Logical” started in the year 1991 when the PC boom enticed him. He started gnawing and swallowing like a caterpillar anything related to computers and computer software. He changed to a software butterfly in 1993 when he got his Diploma in Computer Applications specializing in Unix and C. Comfortable with Microsoft technologies, he has been coding for the Web from circa 2000 swimming through HTML, Asp pages, COM, DCOM, .Net, C#, ASP.Net, MVC and other related building blocks in Microsoft technologies. On the backend, has coded for SQL Server and Oracle. Currently he is coaching students in C++. Thanking his parents for the foundation he has two other butterflies with him now: Wife Usha and son Rishi. Both do everything other than code. Above all both are his inspiration now.
  • Jean Vester

    Jean-Jay Vester graduated from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, in 2001 and has spent most of his career developing Java backend systems for small to large sized companies both sides of the equator. He has an abundance of experience and knowledge in many varied Java frameworks and has also acquired some systems knowledge along the way. Recently he has started developing his JavaScript skill set specifically targeting Angularjs and also bridged that skill to the backend with Nodejs.
  • Jenson Jose

    Jenson currently works as a Lead Developer on various network automation projects, in one of the leading telecom MNCs. In his spare time, he enjoys reading fiction and gaming.
  • Jeremy Gard

    Jeremy has a wide range of 20 years of experience in various technology roles. With a background in CAD, networks, servers and development, he provides a unique outlook and base of knowledge. When not at work, Jeremy enjoys brewing beer, tending to hops, and searching out new beers on family trips to both coasts with his wife and kids.
  • Jeremy Grifski

    Jeremy is the founder of The Renegade Coder, a software curriculum website launched in 2017. In addition, he is a PhD student with an interest in education and data visualization.
  • Jeremy Likness

    Jeremy Likness is a principal architect at iVision, Inc. He has been building enterprise applications using the Microsoft stack for 20 years with a focus on web-based solutions for the past 15. A prolific author and speaker, Jeremy's mission is to empower developers to create success in their careers through learning and growth.
  • Jeroen Savat

  • Jesse Davis

    Jesse is a senior engineer at MongoDB in New York City. He specializes in Python, MongoDB drivers, and asynchronous frameworks.
  • Jesus Castello

    Jesus is a Ruby developer who likes to help other developers improve their Ruby skills & fill-in the gaps in their education.
  • Jim Bird

    Jim is an experienced CTO, software development manager and project manager, who has worked on high-performance, high-reliability mission-critical systems for many years, as well as building software development tools. His current interests include scaling Lean and Agile software development methodologies, software security and software assurance.
  • Jinal Patel

    Jinal Patel is a Software Consultant at Keyhole Software. She has worked with .NET, Java, and JavaScript/SPA technologies and loves a challenge. Before she was a coder, she was in biomedical engineering.
  • Joao Cercal

    João Paulo Cercal is a senior full-stack developer at NeoGrid.
  • Johannes Brodwall

    Johannes is the chief scientist of the software offshore company Exilesoft. He's got close to 15 years programming Java, C# and a long time ago other languages as well. He believes that programming is about more than just writing the code, but that too many people lose touch with the coding as well. He has been organizing software development activities in Oslo for many years. In addition, he often speaks at conferences all over Europe.
  • John Resig

    John Resig is a developer at Khan Academy and the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library. He’s also the author of the books Pro JavaScript Techniques and Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja.
  • John Sonmez

  • Jon Guenther

    Jon Guenther is a senior software engineer and published author with more than fifteen years experience in various industry sectors. He currently manages support operations for web and mobile banking applications.
  • Jonathan Itakpe

    Jonathan Itakpe is a full-stack web developer proficient in PHP, Python, and JavaScript, with an interest in DevOps.
  • Jordan Bach

    Jordan Bach is a DevOps engineer and full-stack software developer in Dallas, TX. His favorite technologies include Ansible, Docker, Ruby, Rails, Redis, Vim, Go, Hubot, and Jenkins. When he is not building fantastic products, he enjoys playing guitar, hooping it up, escaping to nature, and smoking ribs low and slow.
  • Jos Dirksen

  • Joseph Post

    Joe Post is a software developer and composer based in Kansas City. His favorite operating system is Arch Linux. He prefers using community-driven, open-source technologies. Currently working on a Microservices IOT platform.
  • Josh Symonds

    Josh Symonds is Director of Infrastructure at M1 Finance and founder and CTO of Symonds & Son. He is a security and devops expert, specializing in cloud infrastructure and cluster administration.
  • Joshua Plicque

    Joshua Plicque is a Ruby enthusiast and a developer at Groundswell.
  • Juan Moreno

    Juan graduated in Computer Science from Arizona State University. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science from State University Zulia and , presently is a PHD candidate in C.S at Central University of Venzuela, (UCV) in Caracas. During his studies he has been involved with a large number of projects ranging from programming, software engineering to Project Management, UI design and analysis. He works as a Sr Software Engineer for social projects where he is mainly involved with mobile, web and emerging new technologies.
  • Toni

  • Juri Strumpflohner

    Juri Strumpflohner mainly operates in the web sector developing rich applications with HTML5 and JavaScript. Beside having a Java background and developing Android applications he currently works as a software architect in the e-government sector. When he’s not coding or blogging about his newest discoveries, he is practicing Yoseikan Budo where he owns a 2nd DAN.
  • Kapil Viren Ahuja

    Kapil Viren Ahuja is a Senior Manager, Technology from SapientNitro’s Gurgaon Office. Kapil is the solution architect working on Digital Marketing Platforms and has worked for accounts including NASCAR, Richemont, Alex and Ani. Kapil has also been the Lead Architect on the SapientNitro’s EngagedNow platform. In his role Kapil is responsible for driving technical solutions and delivery on various projects. Kapil over the course of his 15 years of total experience has worked on several technologies spanning from Enterprise technical stacks to CMS to Experience technologies. Kapil is also an evangelist of new technologies and loves to go beyond the same old day to day work and find new and innovative ways to do the same things more effectively.
  • Karl Agius

  • Karl Hughes

    Karl Hughes is a startup fanatic, engineering team lead, and CTO at The Graide Network.
  • Kate Kucherenko

    Kate Kucherenko is a content specialist at Agilie. She is passionate about writing and technology. Kate earned her master’s degree in English Philology from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Kelly Andrews

    Kelly J Andrews is the Developer Advocate at Codeship. When he’s not busy defending JavaScript, you can find him somewhere singing karaoke. If you see him in the wild, ask him to do a magic trick.
  • Kevin Goldberg

    Kevin is the Senior Content Marketing Manager for AppDynamics. He's a longtime suffering San Diego Chargers and Padres fan. You can follow him on Twitter at @Kevin_Goldberg
  • Keyhole Software

    Keyhole is a midwest-based consulting firm with a tight-knit technical team. We work primarily with Java, JavaScript and .NET technologies, specializing in application development. We love the challenge that comes in consulting and blog often regarding some of the technical situations and technologies we face.
  • Khary Reynolds

    Khary is a Full-Stack Web Developer and Marketing Automation expert. As the founder of Virtual Cubed Technologies, Khary has developed a keen eye for identifying the critical inefficiencies that are responsible for millions of dollars is lost sales and profits. When he isn’t glued to a computer, you can find him relaxing with his wife and kids.
  • Konrad Garus

  • Lambda Test

    LambdaTest is cloud-based cross-browser testing platform utilizing which user can perform automated & manual compatibility testing of their website or web app on a combination of 2000+ different browser and operating system. The company allows users to run Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based Selenium grid and perform live interactive cross-browser testing of their public or locally hosted websites and web app on cloud.
  • Laura Frank

    Laura Frank is an engineer at Codeship. She loves containers, Docker, Golang, Ruby, and beer, not necessarily in that order.
  • Lauri Nevala

    Lauri is a co-founder of Kontena. He is a cloud-oriented, full-stack developer, fascinated by Ruby.
  • Lawrence Chabela

    Front End Developer and Consultant at Keyhole Software by day | CSS3/HTML5 super hero by night I Content First Evangelist | Big Fan of Chex Mix
  • Lee Brandt

  • Lee Sylvester

    Lee Sylvester is a distributed cloud engineer and CTO of Xirsys.
  • Leigh Halliday

    Leigh is a developer at theScore. He writes about Ruby, Rails, and software development on his personal site.
  • Lim Han

  • Liz Rice

    Liz is a software engineering, product, and innovation strategy expert with experience working with some of the best companies in London and Silicon Valley. She is a co-founder of Microscaling Systems
  • Lorenzo Fontana

    Lorenzo Fontana is a software engineer at Facile.it.
  • Lou Mauget

    Known as Ed Mauget in civilian life. Lou is a name imposed by IBM in 1966. Newly infatuated with Microservices Architecture. Last spring he coded MockOla, a wire-framing tool for Keyhole Software. Have coded in Java since it was conceived. Also worked with C/C++. Current interests include microservices, Docker, Node JS, NoSQL databases, functional programming, single-page web applications … any new software languages/frameworks.
  • Lubos Krnac

    Lubos is a Java/JavaScript developer/Tech Lead and Automation enthusiast. His religion is to constantly improve his developments skills and learn new approaches. He believes TDD drives better design and nicely decoupled code. Past experience includes C++, Assembler and C#.
  • Luis Noria

    Luis is a software developer who graduated from Strayer university. Before that, he got an associates degree in Information Technology from Northern Virginia Community College. He started working for GCIT in which he has gained experience with a lot a new technologies. Now, he works for Paychex as a contractor. He works mostly on the back-end using Java, but also helping out with tasks on the front-end.
  • Manuel Weiss

    Proud Co-Founder of Codeship. He likes Liverpool FC, learning instruments and reading philosophy and history books.
  • Maria Jurcovicova

  • Mark Needham

  • Mark Wolfe

  • Marko Locher

    Support Deckhand at Codeship. Answering your questions, updating our documentation and generally making sure everybody is happy! In my spare time I like volleyball, sailing and skiing.
  • Martin Gutenbrunner

    Martin Gutenbrunner is a tech lead at Dynatrace Innovation Lab.
  • Maryna Cherniavska

    Maryna has productively spent 10+ years in IT industry, designing, developing, building and deploying desktop and web applications, designing database structures and otherwise proving that females have a place among software developers. And this is a good place.
  • Mashooq Badar

    Mash is a pragmatic software craftsman always looking to improve his software creation skills and helping others do the same. He firmly believes that a well-rounded software craftsman must have a keen interest in all aspects of software creation, including; process, people, technology, user experience, development, operation, maintenance, and social impact. He relishes the daily challenges that Codurance brings to him–stretching his existing knowledge and expertise allowing him to constantly grow as a professional.
  • Mathias Lafeldt

    Mathias is an infrastructure developer at Jimdo with a preference for Ruby and Go. He writes about programming at mlafeldt.github.io.
  • Mathlouthi Khaled

    Khaled Mathlouthi is a senior developer and technical architect in frontend web application development. He has more than 12 years of professional experience, he has experienced with javascript, java, angular, gwt, gxt, jsf, bootstrap, yeoman, node...ect
  • Matt Netkow

    Matt Netkow is a full stack developer & hobbyist entrepreneur, specializing in .NET enterprise solutions and cross-platform web-based mobile application development. He writes about full stack and PhoneGap/Cordova mobile application development at netkow.com. His Pluralsight course, PhoneGap Build Fundamentals, introduces developers to the cross-platform development approach using a web-based technology stack. It covers everything needed to go from zero to app store, including in-depth coverage of native plugins, testing and debugging on mobile devices, and app store submission.
  • Matt Raible

    Java Champion and Developer Advocate @okta with a passion for skiing, mtn biking, VWs, & good beer.
  • Matthew Brown

    He is a web application developer with experience in a wide variety of fields such as agriculture, finance and freight. He's a JavaScript enthusiast and enjoy learning all new technologies. When he's not coding he's enjoying the Kansas City lifestyle with his wife and three dogs and he's currently learning how to play the guitar!
  • Matthew Setter

    Matthew Setter is a developer and technical writer. He creates web-based applications and technical content that engage developers with platforms, technologies, applications, and tools.
  • Matthias Sieber

    Matthias Sieber is the CTO at SupplyHub.
  • Max Katz

  • Mehul Rajput

    Mehul Rajput is a CEO and co-founder of Mindinventory, a software-development company that provides web and mobile app solutions from startup to enterprise level companies. His role involves heading the operations related to business and delivery with strategic planning and defining a roadmap for the future. He’s an avid blogger and writes on web and mobile technologies, startup, and business.
  • Mekanism

    Mekanism is a creative digital marketing agency that provides fully customized services.
  • Melissa Crooks

    Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies.
  • Micah Woods

    Micah discovered his passion for Ruby and web development in college. Pair programming at Hashrocket allows him to focus on testing and quality while delivering value at a blazing fast rate.
  • Michael Good

    interested in Java, cyber security, and open source technologies. Follow his personal blog to read more from Michael.
  • Michael Remijan

    Michael Remijan is a System Architect at the Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis. He is co-author of 'EJB 3 In Action Second', an active blogger in the Java EE community, a Java EE Guardian, and JavaOne presenter. He has developed enterprise systems for B2C and B2B commerce, manufacturing, astronomy, agriculture, telecommunications, national defense, healthcare, and financial areas.
  • Mihai Andronache

    Mihai is an experienced Java and JavaEE developer. His main interests are: clean OOP, code maintainability and testing. He is the creator of http://comdor.co and http://charles.amihaiemil.com"
  • Mike Anand

    Mike Anand has over 12+ years of experience in Enterprise and SMB world spanning across leading mobile and software companies. In his current role as a Director of Product Marketing & Strategy for Business iQ at AppDynamics, he is responsible for leading global product marketing and go-to-market strategy for the product. Prior to this role Mike led Product team at Apteligent, a mobile APM company. He has also led mobile and cloud based subscription products and platforms at Good Technology, Adobe and Intuit. Mike received his M.B.A. from Santa Clara University and B.S. from University of California at Davis.
  • Mike Christianson

  • Mike Mainguy

  • Mohamed Sanaulla

  • Nacho Garcia

    Since the start of his career, Nacho has had the pleasure to be around great people who have encouraged him to join communities and follow good practices. As such, he loves developing and improving his skills on a daily basis. To him, it doesn't matter if it's back-end, front-end or automating infrastructure: he will always try to understand how things works.
  • Naida Alabata

    Naida Alabata is an Entrepreneur and currently a Junior Content Marketing Specialist at Xight Interactive Asia and opts to share her expertise in business and entrepreneurship, web development, and marketing. She was raised in Manila, Philippines and a graduate of BS Entrepreneurship in Miriam College. You can follow Naida on Twitter @alabatanaida.
  • Nallely Novella

    Nallely is an Engineer in Information and Communication Technologies from TESCo university in Mexico, she has developed different projects on Java, Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Android technologies. Nallely is a certified Java SE and Android developer. She is interested in User Experience, Smart Cities and Business Intelligence.
  • Nera Cruz

    Nera Cruz is a technical writer and web merchandiser for various online marketplaces around the globe since 2011. She gained tons of experience working with several e-commerce platforms. She spends most of her free time selling her fashion products online at Nera Shoppe. You can follow her on twitter @neracruz.
  • Nick Brown

    I am a web application developer based out of Overland Park, KS. I have experience with .NET and developing single page applications with JavaScript. When I'm not coding, you can find me playing guitar, or being a father to my three children.
  • Nick Gauthier

    Nick likes creating for the web, making things fast, and playing strategy games.
  • Nikhil Tyagi

    Experienced Frontend Developer and UX Designer who specializes in HTML5, CSS3 SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap 4, Materialize, Semantic UI frameworks, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, React JS and APIs.
  • Nikos Souris

    Solutions development consultant with experience in large scale IT projects, especially in the telecommunications and financial services sectors. Nikos has worked in Microsoft for more than 6 years as an experienced services professional with broad technology knowledge of Microsoft application platform and business productivity services and products. He is a certified specialist in SharePoint Server Technologies.
  • Nimritee

    Nimritee works as a Technical Writer at LambdaTest. Passionate about various technologies and tech trends, she is always keen to explore unique aspects of web development & web testing.
  • ocoqad

  • Olayemi Odunayo

    I am a programmer and web developer, who has experience in developing websites and writing desktop and mobile applications. I have worked with both schematic and schemaless databases. I am also familiar with third party API and working with cloud servers. I do programming on the client side with Java, JavaScript, html, Ajax and CSS while I use PHP for server side programming.
  • Oleg Varaksin

  • Pankaj Kumar

  • Parker Selbert

    Parker is one half of Soren, a partnership that helps businesses make their production Rails apps better.
  • Parth Modi

    Parth Modi is a Ruby on Rails developer, with an interest in web applications, exploring IoT, cloud computing, and building efficient, scalable, and robust APIs.
  • Per minborg

  • Peter Sommerhoff

    Peter is a software developer from Germany with a passion for software design. He teaches programming, web development and other techy stuff on Udemy and blogs over at PeterSommerhoff.com
  • Peter Verhas

  • Philippe Creux

    Philippe Creux is a software developer. You can find him on the interweb as @pcreux.
  • Phillip Krüger

    Phillip is a software developer and a systems architect who knacks for solving problems. He has a passion for clean code and evolutionary architecture. He blogs about all technical things.
  • Phillip Shipley

    Phillip Shipley is the IT Applications Development manager at SIL International, Inc. He spends the majority of his work time developing web applications and has a particular passion for APIs and integration. When he’s not building software, he’s probably building LEGO with his son.
  • Pierpaolo Frasa

    Pierpaolo Frasa is a web developer at volders. He works mainly with Ruby and Rails and more recently also increasingly with Javascript / EmberJS.
  • Piotr Szotkowski

    Piotr is a hacker scientist: an assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology and Cheap Science Officer at Rebased. Attempts to pry him from his mechanical keyboard end up in some random blabber and Warsaw Ruby Users Group meetings.
  • Piyas De

    Piyas is Sun Microsystems certified Enterprise Architect with 10+ years of professional IT experience in various areas such as Architecture Definition, Define Enterprise Application, Client-server/e-business solutions.Currently he is engaged in providing solutions for digital asset management in media companies.He is also founder and main author of "Technical Blogs (Blog about small technical Know hows)"
  • Poliana Reis

    Poliana graduated in Electric Engineering (E.E.) in 2006, when she started to work in the software development area. In 2012 she received the Masters of Computer Science. She is a multi-talent software developer with a leadership vein. Her greatest passion is the full stack of WEB development with major specialty in JEE platform.
  • Prahlad Yeri

    Prahlad is a freelance software developer working on web and mobile application development. He also likes to blog about programming and contribute to opensource.
  • Praveen Mishra

    Praveen is a Computer Science Engineer by degree, and a Digital Marketer by heart who works at LambdaTest. A social media maven, who is eager to learn & share about everything new & trendy in the tech domain.
  • Priyanka Sharma

    Priyanka is a front-end developer. She runs WakaTime which is automated analytics for developers. She writes on diverse topics in technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Pushpalanka

    Pushpalanka is an undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering and working on variety of middle-ware solutions. She is an open-source enthusiastic having interests in the fields of Big Data, Distributed Systems and Web Security.She has successfully participated in Google Summer of Code 2012 program.
  • Qadeer Khan

    Qadeer is a software engineer living in Oslo, Norway and has experience from large scale IT projects. Some of his interests are in creating quality code, performance tuning and machine learning. He is driven by opportunities of doing great work with great people
  • Rafal Borowiec

    Rafal is an IT specialist with about 8 years of commercial experience, specializing in software testing and quality assurance, software development, project management and team leadership. He is currently holding a position of a Team Leader at Goyello where he is mainly responsible for building and managing teams of professional developers and testers. He is also responsible for maintaining relations with customers and acquiring new ones, mainly through consultancy. He believes in Agile project management and he is a big fan of technology, especially Java related (but not limited too). He likes sharing knowledge about software development and practices, through his blog (blog.codeleak.pl) and Twitter (@kolorobot) but also on internal and external events like conferences or workshops.
  • Raghuraman Kesavan

    Raghu is a Javascript developer and active blogger. He got good experience in Java, Javascript, node JS, and AngularJS.
  • Rajeev Hathi

    Rajeev is a senior Java architect and developer. He has been designing and developing business applications for various companies (both product and services). He is co-author of the book titled 'Apache CXF Web Service Development' and shares his technical knowledge through his blog platform techorgan.com
  • Rakesh Shekhawat

    Maurice is the Principal of Fawcett Communications which offers Digital Marketing and E-Commerce services.
  • Ram Manusani

    A passionate and committed technology polyglot with extensive experience in Web, Mobile, Enterprise, Health, Gaming, Entertainment, and CRM verticals. With over a decade of digital marketing experience in CMS and portal technologies with hands-on developing and architecting experience in Ruby on Rails, Liferay, Adobe CQ5 and Java technologies. Extensively involved in implementing and adapting technically sophisticated web applications using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and node.js
  • Ramakrishna Allam

    Ramakrishna is graduated from BITS pilani, India. He is a problem solver and loves to continue having fun doing so. He has been working in Java and related technologies since over 15 years. He holds many professional certificates including Spring Certified Professional, SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD, OBIEE.
  • Ramesh Kotha

    Ramesh is a certified Java professional working in financial domain, He is an application developer and has hands on practice with Java and related technologies. He is passionate about Spring and other open source technologies.
  • Rami Tayba

    Rami Tayba is a Software Engineer graduated from Lebanese University, he is experienced in web development and IT project management. During his experience, he was leading various teams and has been involved into many large projects from analysis and design to implementation.
  • Randall Degges

  • Raphael Feng

    Raphael Feng works in the development team of Real-User Monitoring at AppDynamics. He is developing the browser real-user monitoring product which is a cloud solution to help users to collect the data about end-user experience and analyze the corresponding business impacts in real-time to optimize the results. Prior to joining AppDynamics, he worked at Actuate and SAP on business intelligence products like cross-platform data visualizations and enterprise reporting.
  • Remi Goyard

    I'm a senior web architect. Passionated by new technologies, programming, devops tools, and agile methodologies. I really enjoy to coach, or teach, people who wants to learn programming, from beginners to skilled programmers. Involved in local developer communities, Java User Group, PHP User Group, or Javascript User Group, i like to share with others about experiences, news or business. Coding is FUN !
  • Ricardo Zuasti

  • Richard Rijnberk

    Richard is an experienced Java software engineer and Frontend Developer. Over the last period he has mainly focused on Frontend development with frameworks such as Angular. He has an interest in gadgets and is always eager to learn new technologies. He currently works for JDriven and is one of the bloggers on their site.
  • Richard Schneeman

    Richard is obsessed with saving memory, though he can't remember why. He is responsible for the Ruby experience on Heroku, and helps run Keep Ruby Weird in Austin, Tx.
  • Rob Guilfoyle

    CPO @ edu(k)ate focusing on financial wellness in the workplace.
  • Robert Kowalski

    Robert Kowalski is a passionate software engineer, author, and event organizer. He enjoys traveling and recently released a book about command line interfaces, The CLI Book: Successful Command Line Clients with Node.js.
  • Rodrigo Almeida

    Rodrigo is graduated from Internet Development System in the University Anhanguera of Brazil. He has a startup called W2UP IT where he is always creating systems for some companies in Brazil. His specialty is to work with financial systems, governmental, digital certification and systems that handle digital documents and process (EDM Electronic document management). He is working for the government of Brazil since 2010, currently he is working for the Ministry of Health, but he has also worked for the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Sports and other public agencies. His job is to create new systems to adapt the real environment of the government, some of those institutions were working with form paper or electronic sheet. His preferred technology is Java but he is able to work with PHP, ASP 2.0, Python and C#.
  • Roman Kuba

    Roman Kuba is the main front-end scientist at Codeship. Besides working with various technologies, he loves to talk about tech while teaching or at meetups. In his free time, Roman loves to spend time with his family (Dad since April 2016) and walk their dog Murphy.
  • Romi Awasthy

    Romi is a software architect with a large enterprise. She is passionate about bringing opensource, lean and modern technologies to enterprise
  • Ryan Palo

    Ryan is a mechanical engineer in the East SF Bay Area. He is a hobbyist programmer, with a focus on dynamic languages like Ruby and Python. His goal is to learn as much as possible and become a physics, math, and programming teacher. He writes about scripting, physics, simulation, data science, the web, and more on his blog at assertnotmagic.com.
  • Saeb Najim

    Saeb has graduated from the University of Technology. During the last ten years (since 2005) he has been involved with a large number of projects about programming, software engineering, design and analysis . He works as a senior Software Engineer in the e-commerce and web development sector where he is mainly responsible for projects based on Java, Java frameworks, design patterns and Big Data technologies.
  • Sandro Mancuso

    Software craftsman, founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC) and author of Software Craftsmanship: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride.
  • Saravanan Subramanian

    Saravanan Subramanian is a System Architect cum Agile Product Owner for developing cloud based applications for service provider back office enterprise applications using open source technologies. He is passionate about Cloud Technology and Big Data Analytics.
  • Saurabh Hooda

    I have worked globally for telecom & finance giants in various capacities. My latest venture Hackr.io recommend the online programming courses for every programming language.
  • Sebastian Vinci

    Sebastian is a full stack programmer, who has strong experience in Java and Scala enterprise web applications. He is currently studying Computers Science in UBA (University of Buenos Aires) and working a full time job at a .com company as a Semi-Senior developer, involving architectural design, implementation and monitoring. He also worked in automating processes (such as data base backups, building, deploying and monitoring applications).
  • Serdar Doğruyol

    Serdar Doğruyol is a lead at Protel, the creator of Kemal, a Rubyist, and a Crystal evangelist.
  • Shannon Behrens

    Catholic, father of eight, open source enthusiast, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Scala, Go, etc. programmer.
  • Sid Krishnan

    Sid Krishnan is a Ruby and Rails consultant. He is passionate about security, reducing technical debt, and helping product teams accelerate feature development.
  • Siddharth Seth

    Siddharth is a Software Development Professional with a Master degree in Computer Applications from IGNOU. He has over 14 years of experience. And currently focused on Software Architecture, Cloud Computing, JavaScript Frameworks for Client and Server, Business Intelligence.
  • Siva Janapati

    Siva Prasad Janapati is a software engineer working in the e-Commerce domain. He has hands on experience on Java, JEE, Spring, Apache Solr, Node.js, JBoss and other open source/enterprise technologies. He loves to explore new technologies and trends.
  • Siva reddy

    Katamreddy Siva Prasad is a Senior Software Engineer working in E-Commerce domain. His areas of interest include Object Oriented Design, SOLID Design principles, RESTful WebServices and OpenSource softwares including Spring, MyBatis and Jenkins.
  • Soumyajit Basu

    Soumyajit is a QA/DevOps engineer by profession and a technology enthusiast by passion. He loves communicating about technology and is an author at his own blog platform as well as in Dzone and Web Code Geeks.
  • Steve Hanson

    Steve is a software developer interested in web development and new technologies. He currently works as a Java consultant at Credera in Dallas, TX.
  • Suyash Dubey

  • Sylvain Cloutier

    Sylvain has been programming in Java for the past 5 years, mainly in the aerospace industry, as a lead developer of complex web based aircraft wiring systems. He is also one of the organizers of the Java User Group of Quebec City and currently works as a Java developer consultant at CGI.
  • Taylor Jones

    Taylor Jones is a software chef at IZEA
  • Ted Vinke

    Ted is a Java software engineer with a passion for Web development and JVM languages and works for First8, a Java Web development company in the Netherlands.
  • Theodora Fragkouli

    Theodora has graduated from Computer Engineering and Informatics Department in the University of Patras. She also holds a Master degree in Economics from the National and Technical University of Athens. During her studies she has been involved with a large number of projects ranging from programming and software engineering to telecommunications, hardware design and analysis. She works as a junior Software Engineer in the telecommunications sector where she is mainly involved with projects based on Java and Big Data technologies.
  • Thodoris Bais

    Thodoris is an Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer and currently works as a Junior Software Developer, for Intrasoft International S.A. He holds a diploma at Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering and is interested in continuous development.
  • Tit Petric

  • Todd Horn

    Todd Horn is a Keyhole Software developer based in St. Louis, MO with experience in .Net, JavaScript, Java, and PHP. Todd has been involved with software projects in the telecom, manufacturing, insurance, and non-profit industries, including background in HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Insurance systems. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, helping with boy scouts, hiking, and volunteering for the Ozark Trail Association.
  • Todd Leininger

    Todd Leininger is a Software Developer from the the Kansas City area. In his spare time he loves to play guitar and play video games. He is the proud to be raising two great children with his wife Michelle.
  • Tom Henricksen

    Tom Henricksen is a software developer, career coach, author, and speaker. He currently works at Zirous.
  • Tomas Zorvan

    Tomas graduated with a Master's degree in Applied Informatics - Information Systems from Faculty of Management Science and Informatics at the University of Zilina. Currently working as a full-time Java Software Developer also involved in Python development and testing, networking, SDN, Linux and much more. Besides Java there is still a place for Web Development creations and implementations of his own ideas in the free time and he loves to dig in a new possiblities of HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP Frameworks, MySQL etc.
  • Tomasz Dziurko

  • Trality Gmbh

    Trality was founded with the goal of bringing automated, algorithmic crypto trading to everyone who needs it.
  • Traven West

    Traven is a security-minded programmer who loves to study psychology and philosophy also. He loves to chat about programming, cybersecurity, and the questions of life. He is the Lead Author of TheLastTechie and a freelance web developer in his free time.
  • uravyhafo

  • Veera Sundar

  • Veethee Dixit

    I’m a Computer Science Engineer by degree and a passionate writer by choice. The credit for my profession as a web content writer goes to the knack for writing combined with a technical background. I believe in utilizing my skills to spread awareness and simplify people’s lives with my writing! When I’m not busy playing the game of words, I like to indulge myself in hobbies like reading and hitting the gym.
  • Venkatt Guhesan

    I work as an Enterprise UI Architect for DataDirect Networks. I have been developing DirectMon, an Enterprise Monitoring and Management Solution for all of the DDN products. Before that I worked at DrFirst engineering an e-prescribing platform for controlled substances
  • Viktor Farcic

    Viktor Farcic is a Software Developer currently focused on transitions from Waterfall to Agile processes with special focus on Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration (CI).
  • Vinod Saratchandran

    Vinod has conceptualized and delivered niche mobility products that cater to various domains including: logistics, media & non-profits. He leads, mentors & coaches a team of Project Coordinators & Analysts at Fingent.
  • vioustal1989

  • Viraj Khatavkar

    Viraj has graduated from University of Mumbai, the financial heart of INDIA. Being a web geek & having entrepreneurship in DNA; happens to be the Co-Founder of Tantra-Gyan (I) Business Solutions, heading Technology space. He loves PHP to the core and is great enthusiast for mastering the same. He prefers designing architectural planning of an application and researching new architectural solutions. He has developed various solutions logical as well as architectural for service industry web ERPs and Scraping apps. He is fascinated about SOA, web services and believes "Good design increases software life and your leisure time as well :)" Loves spending time for creating solutions for the betterment of society namely focusing on Education, Employment & Civic Rights. Buzz him any moment, if you feel like; he would love to hear from you.
  • Vishwas Gupta

    Vishwas has 14 years of experience in requirement gathering and analysis, architectural, component and interface design and development of web-based applications in multiple domains. With vast exposure to variety of technologies including Angular, Java, JEE, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services etc., he is currently working as Technical Architect in Location Intelligence domain. He holds a Master degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur (India). He is TOGAF 9.1 Certified Enterprise Architect, BEA 8.1 Certified System Administrator and Sun Certified Java Programmer.
  • vivekitis

    Studying Computer Engineering, working with java and android.
  • Web Code Geeks

    WCGs (Web Code Geeks) is an independent online community focused on creating the ultimate Web developers resource center; targeted at the technical architect, technical team lead (senior developer), project manager and junior developers alike. WCGs serve the Web designer, Web developer and Agile communities with daily news written by domain experts, articles, tutorials, reviews, announcements, code snippets and open source projects.
  • Yanis Triandaphilov

    Yanis Triandaphilov lives and works in Prague. He's been into Ruby and JavaScript development for more than six years now. "Being not too smart, I struggle for clarity and simplicity in everything I do."
  • Yatin

    The author is graduated in Electronics & Telecommunication. During his studies, he has been involved with a significant number of projects ranging from programming and software engineering to telecommunications analysis. He works as a technical lead in the information technology sector where he is primarily involved with projects based on Java/J2EE technologies platform and novel UI technologies.
  • Yegor Bugayenko

    Yegor Bugayenko is an Oracle certified Java architect, CEO of Zerocracy, author of Elegant Objects book series about object-oriented programing, lead architect and founder of Cactoos, Takes, Rultor and Jcabi, and a big fan of test automation.
  • ygoqebo

  • Yoav Abrahami

    Yoav is the Chief Architect at Wix.com, working with developers and operations to build the company's future products as well as accelerating and improving development processes. Prior to joining Wix, Yoav was an Architect at Amdocs Cramer OSS division. Yoav holds a MS in Physics and a BS in Computer Science from the Tel Aviv University.
  • Yuan Ji

    Yuan is a passionate Java programmer and open source evangelist. He is eager to learn new technologies and loves clean and beautiful application design. He lives in Edmonton, Canada as an independent consultant and contractor.
  • Zach Gardner

    He is an HTML5/JavaScript Consultant for Keyhole Software in Kansas City. He helps large enterprises with Single-Page Application architecture as well as consulting on full stack development. In his spare time, he reads anything he can get his hands on when he's not playing Dad to a 1-year-old girl, or playing husband to his wife.
  • Zachary Flower

    Zachary Flower is a freelance web developer, writer, and polymath. He's built projects for the NSA and created features for companies like Name.com and Buffer.
  • Zakaria Amine

    Zakaria is a freelance software engineer who enjoys working with Java web frameworks, and microservice architectures. During his free time, Zakaria works on hobby projects, and blogs about his favorite topics like GWT and Spring.

Web Code Geeks Founders

  • Byron Kiourtzoglou

    Byron is a master software engineer working in the IT and Telecom domains. He is an applications developer in a wide variety of applications/services. He is currently acting as the team leader and technical architect for a proprietary service creation and integration platform for both the IT and Telecom industries in addition to a in-house big data real-time analytics solution. He is always fascinated by SOA, middleware services and mobile development. Byron is co-founder and Executive Editor at Web Code Geeks.
  • Ilias Tsagklis

    Ilias is a software developer turned online entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Executive Editor at Web Code Geeks.
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