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TypeScript example using RequireJS

1. TypeScript with RequireJS In this article we are going to explain how to create a TypeScript application and separate its components in modules. After that we are going to show how to load these modules using AMD with RequireJS and the TypeScript compiler options to support it. All code and examples used in this tutorial are available in the ...

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Grunt RequireJS Example

Table Of Contents 1. Grunt 2. RequireJS 3. Grunt with RequireJS 4. Example 5. Summary 6. Download 7. Links 1. Grunt The main pre requisite that you need in order to follow this example is to have NodeJS installed in your environment. You can check the installation instructions here https://nodejs.org/en/. Grunt is a JavaScript based task runner. It is quite ...

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RequireJS Tutorial – How to use RequireJS

Table Of Contents 1. What is require JS? 2. What is AMD? 3. Configuration 4. Require 5. Define 6. Module loading error handling 7. Optimizations 8. Plug-ins 8.1 text 8.2 domReady 8.3 i18n 8.4 CSS 9. Creating libraries using RequireJS 10. Conclusions 11. Download 12. Links This article is about RequireJS, it describes its main features and what specification it ...

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