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Graph Database Goodness with LevelGraph

Graph databases are one in a plethora of NoSQL databases now found in the wild. They’re unique among their sibling database types by having a unique internal data structure. Graph databases make the relationships within the data a first-class citizen on the same level as the data itself. Consequently, they are most popular in social networking, big data, and science ...

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How We Rolled Out Our Recent UI Changes

We recently released an updated UI, focusing on the most important pages within our application and laying the groundwork for future improvements. Ryan Wilke, senior product designer at Codeship, wrote about the design process, our thinking, and how we got to the initial release. Along with this design process, we also want to share how we handle complex feature rollouts ...

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HashiCorp Tools Useful for Continuous Integration

HashiCorp is a company that feels like it’s always been around. Quietly plugging away just out of the limelight working on awesome products and every now and then releasing something groundbreaking that you wondered how you worked without it. I attended a couple of meetups recently that covered HashiCorp tools and felt the time was ripe I dug into all ...

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Developing a CI Process for Laravel with Codeship and Forge

Codeship empowers developers to efficiently test and deploy web applications with a basic command. Today, I want to demonstrate some of the platform’s features through testing and deploying a Laravel application. To go through this tutorial, you’re going to need a few things: A local instance of Docker Community Edition A Codeship account A Laravel Forge account – requires subscription ...

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Refactoring and Design Patterns

Refactoring is a simple concept, and yet it takes some learning to come to a point where refactoring is beneficial. Refactoring means making small adjustments to code throughout the life of a system in order to improve many aspects and give better long-term results. Why Refactor Your Code? The purpose for refactoring code can be for readability, creating a more ...

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Linking, Monitoring, and Supervising in Elixir

One of the benefits of microservices is that part of the system can go down without bringing the entire system down. With Elixir, each process is in essence a microservice. It’s a small, isolated process that communicates with other processes via message passing, all orchestrated by the Erlang BEAM VM. No memory is shared between processes, so the failure of ...

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WebExtensions 101

If you know the basic web technology stack (HTML, JS, and CSS), then you can indeed build a WebExtension. It wasn’t always this simple. In the past, one might have needed to know C or Objective-C and the internal workings of the browser’s own code or even the operating system’s idiosyncrasies. Thankfully, there’s been some recent consolidation efforts and some ...

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Security in the Microservices Paradigm

One of the least glamorous aspects of implementing a Microservices architecture is the security. It’s not fun or cool when compared to things like the circuit breaker or service discovery, yet it is a critical piece of the ecosystem especially in an enterprise setting. I’m working on a large Microservices project for a healthcare enterprise on the East Coast. One ...

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An Introduction to GraphQL via the GitHub API

RESTful, JSON-delivering APIs are today’s default choice when building an API. However, there’s a new API kid on the block that’s generating considerable attention: GraphQL. GraphQL is an entirely new way to consume and build APIs. Done right, you can build wonderfully tight integrations that aren’t possible with REST APIs. Today, we’ll get firsthand exposure to GraphQL via the GitHub ...

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