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Refactoring and Design Patterns

Refactoring is a simple concept, and yet it takes some learning to come to a point where refactoring is beneficial. Refactoring means making small adjustments to code throughout the life of a system in order to improve many aspects and give better long-term results. Why Refactor Your Code? The purpose for refactoring code can be for readability, creating a more ...

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Linking, Monitoring, and Supervising in Elixir

One of the benefits of microservices is that part of the system can go down without bringing the entire system down. With Elixir, each process is in essence a microservice. It’s a small, isolated process that communicates with other processes via message passing, all orchestrated by the Erlang BEAM VM. No memory is shared between processes, so the failure of ...

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WebExtensions 101

If you know the basic web technology stack (HTML, JS, and CSS), then you can indeed build a WebExtension. It wasn’t always this simple. In the past, one might have needed to know C or Objective-C and the internal workings of the browser’s own code or even the operating system’s idiosyncrasies. Thankfully, there’s been some recent consolidation efforts and some ...

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Security in the Microservices Paradigm

One of the least glamorous aspects of implementing a Microservices architecture is the security. It’s not fun or cool when compared to things like the circuit breaker or service discovery, yet it is a critical piece of the ecosystem especially in an enterprise setting. I’m working on a large Microservices project for a healthcare enterprise on the East Coast. One ...

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An Introduction to GraphQL via the GitHub API

RESTful, JSON-delivering APIs are today’s default choice when building an API. However, there’s a new API kid on the block that’s generating considerable attention: GraphQL. GraphQL is an entirely new way to consume and build APIs. Done right, you can build wonderfully tight integrations that aren’t possible with REST APIs. Today, we’ll get firsthand exposure to GraphQL via the GitHub ...

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Building Web Extensions Because You Can

Browser extensions aren’t a new thing. Firefox had them since before it was named Firefox. Each browser after that created yet another unique way of extending the capabilities of that particular browser. Recently, however, the browsers have been talking more often, and consequently things are getting better. If you’re a web developer, things have gotten far more cohesive in recent ...

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The Most Popular Programming Languages for 2017

Do you want new insights, best practices and the latest news from top industry thought leaders in Application Performance Management? Follow industry leading Appdynamics blog! It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2017. But with the new year comes new challenges, new opportunities—and, of course—new software projects. One of the most important questions beginner, intermediate, and advanced coders all have ...

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Automating Screenshots in Documentation

Drawing my short series to a close (we’ve talked about testing code examples in documentation and automating spelling and grammar checks in documentation), let’s cover one of the hardest elements of documentation to create and keep up to date: screenshots. If you have an application with an interface, then screenshots are a great way to show users important components and ...

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Comparing Elixir and Go

Elixir and Go have both grown significantly in popularity over the past few years, and both are often reached for by developers looking for high concurrency solutions. The two languages follow many similar principles, but both have made some core tradeoffs that affect their potential use cases. Let’s compare the two by taking a look at their backgrounds, their programming ...

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