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10 Famous Apps Using Reactjs Nowadays

Front-end development is continuously increasing by adding new tools released daily. There are several libraries  and frameworks available online and choosing one from them is quite difficult. Talking about front-end development, Angular was the default choice for any business owners but the time has changed, React JS is breaking records in the web development market. What is ReactJS? Do you ...

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React Hooks

On the Roadmap for React there was a widely discussed feature called React Hooks. As of yesterday, Hooks are available in stable release v16.8. Personally I’m rather excited for this to become a part of React. I’ll try to explain why I’m so excited and point you to some great resources to get started yourself. What are Hooks? With the ...

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What problem is React/JSX solving in your App?

Framework wars and debates are very much a thing these days, be it Angular vs Backbone or Angular vs React, but the real debate isn’t about these frameworks. The real debate essentially comes down to which is the most efficient way of structuring your app and more importantly, rendering and managing your DOM. Whilst the traditional jQuery/Backbone way is to ...

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Angular 1 to React Migration

Recently I decided to migrate one of my side projects to React. I had several reasons for that, but the most important is that, obviously, Angular 1 is old, and nobody cares about it anymore. No community, no bugfixes, no improvements. It is basically dead. So I decided to give React a go. And you know what? I was blown ...

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ReactJS Getting Started Example

In this article we will start our adventures in React. We will cover the set up of our local development environment, the various ancillary technologies needed to make our React application work and how a React application is composed. We will finally pull everything together in a simple web application which we can run locally in our browser. Knowledge of ...

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