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Bootstrap Form Builder Example

In this example, we will create Html Forms with bootstrap framework. The bootstrap framework has a lot of classes to enable us to create forms that are responsive and provide a nice UI. We will specifically look at creating basic, horizontal and inline forms with Bootstrap and explore the various classes for styling individual form controls like inputs, buttons, anchor ...

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Bootstrap Jumbotron Example

In this tutorial, I will guide you through using the Jumbotron component from Bootstrap. A typical use of the Jumbotron is to draw the user’s attention to specific information. We will see how we can create one and the various options for styling it. We will also explore the responsive behavior of the Jumbotron on different size viewports. 1. Tools ...

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Bootstrap Image Slider Example

In this post we will look at the Bootstrap Carousel Component also known as Image Slider. This component is also available as an independent plugin as well. All that is required is adding the carousel.js file. But if the bootstrap.js or the minified version of it is included, there is no need for this file to be added. The bootstrap ...

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Bootstrap Expand Collapse Text Example

In this example we will take a look at implementing an Expand Collapse Text feature using Bootstrap Framework. Sometimes our content is large and we initially just want to show a teaser or heading and allow the user to decide whether to show the entire content. You must have seen such feature on news sites, wherein, just the headline and ...

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Bootstrap Breadcrumb Navigation Example

We will look at Breadcrumb navigation using Bootstrap in this article. Breadcrumb navigation is essentially a display of the hierarchical path taken by the user to reach the current page in the site. It also gives the users the ability to jump back one or more levels to reach back the page they navigated through. In essence it is a ...

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Bootstrap Responsive Example

This article discusses the responsive feature of the Bootstrap Framework. We will start with taking a look at what is Responsiveness in terms of websites and web applications and what all the buzz is about. Once we gain an understanding of responsive designs and terms, we will, progress with creating a web page of our own which is needless to ...

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Tutorial: Learn Twitter Bootstrap Quickly

The aim of this tutorial is to get you up and running with Twitter Bootstrap framework quickly. Twitter Bootstrap has soared in popularity over the years and continues to be the go-to resource for front-end development. Let us explore the most common and frequently used components, features and css classes of this framework to get you up to speed. We ...

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Bootstrap Grails Tutorial

In this article we will explore the integration of Bootstrap with the Grails web framework. After a discussion on Grails framework we look at using Bootstrap framework with a grails application. For versions lower than 2.4.4 of Grails framework we need to enable a plugin to integrate the two but with version 2.4.4 and above, much less effort is required. ...

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Bootstrap Responsive Navbar Example

In this example we will explore the Navbar component from Bootstrap. One of the key aspect of any website is ease of navigation and this component makes it easier to implement this crucial feature. So, let us try and learn how to best and effectively use the Navbar component. This component also needs to be Responsive, meaning that it adjusts ...

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