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Bootstrap Grails Tutorial

In this article we will explore the integration of Bootstrap with the Grails web framework. After a discussion on Grails framework we look at using Bootstrap framework with a grails application. For versions lower than 2.4.4 of Grails framework we need to enable a plugin to integrate the two but with version 2.4.4 and above, much less effort is required. ...

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Bootstrap Responsive Navbar Example

In this example we will explore the Navbar component from Bootstrap. One of the key aspect of any website is ease of navigation and this component makes it easier to implement this crucial feature. So, let us try and learn how to best and effectively use the Navbar component. This component also needs to be Responsive, meaning that it adjusts ...

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Bootstrap Thumbnails Example

In this post we will learn about Bootstrap’s Thumbnail component through an example. This component enables us to layout images, videos etc. in a grid layout. A thumbnail is a reduced size version of the original image or video. To enable such layouts Bootstrap provides a set of CSS rules. The application we will build here will layout images on ...

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Bootstrap Calendar Example

Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Tools 3. Project Layout 4. HTML Markup 5. JavaScript 5.1 Build the Markup of the Calendar 5.2 Update the Calendar 5.3 Allow Selection of Date 5.4 Navigate Dates for the Desired Month 5.5 Update/Populate the Selected Date 5.6 The Completed Calendar Control 6. Running the Example 7. Download the Source Code 1. Introduction In ...

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Bootstrap Autocomplete Example

In this example we will build a Bootstrap Autocomplete that helps users with suggestions as they fill text fields. Autocomplete reduces keystrokes and improves usability because user can select a suggestion rather than typing it in. To implement this autocomplete we will use Bootstrap modal window. As a result the user can either press the Enter key or click with ...

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The Ultimate CSS3 Flexbox Tutorial for 2017

With the new CSS3 Flexbox box model, you can now write more concise and maintainable code for various common layout tasks — such as vertical centering, taking up remaining space, or simpler grids. After this tutorial, you’ll be able to use Flexbox and understand exactly how it works. 1.  Introducing Flexbox The CSS3 Flexbox spec contains quite a few properties. ...

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Bootstrap Datepicker Example

In today’s article, we will be looking into how to get started quickly with Bootstrap’s datepicker, and explore a few of the different options, methods and events that are available. To follow this example, all you need is a text editor; I will be using Notepad++. 1. Introduction 1.1. Date what? If you’re building a website that at some stage, ...

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Bootstrap Carousel Example

In this article, we’re going to go through a quick introduction of the carousel functionality in Bootstrap. 1. Introduction The carousel is a neat component which – as its name suggests – allows you to cycle through a list of given HTML elements (if you don’t think the name suggests that, go find out what a carousel is :)). The ...

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Bootstrap Accordion Example

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create an accordion widget with Bootstrap. The accordion is a feature which allows you to show and hide components with a nice transition. To follow, all you need is a text editor. I will be using Notepad++; you are free of course to use one of your choice. 1. Project setup ...

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