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Leveraging the dockerignore File to Create Smaller Images

Keeping container image sizes small is one of the most common “best practice” tips out there. There is good reason for this; it’s very simple to let a container with a complex Dockerfile and a large application turn into a large container image. A large container image can eventually become troublesome if left unchecked. When deploying a container into production, ...

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Docker Enables Polyglot Shops

If your infrastructure is Docker based, you’ve already created an environment that isn’t dependent on a single language. Step 2 is realizing why the words “standardize on language y” no longer make sense. A while back, I wrote a piece on how Heroku streamlines a lot of the pain points of microservice architecture. One of the big wins I talked ...

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Building a PHP Command Line App with Docker

Over the past few months, I’ve started using Docker for all my local development work. Previously I had experimented with VMs, but because we deal in microservices, running six or more VMs on my Macbook Pro was starting to get cumbersome. Docker has clear advantages in system utilization, but I also like that my local configuration can easily be used ...

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Docker for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Released earlier in 2017, Docker’s new native applications for Windows and Mac replaced the older methods for running Docker on Windows and Mac and created a better experience for developers using those platforms. The previous solution, Docker Toolbox, depended on VirtualBox to create a small Linux virtual machine that hosted your images and containers. It worked well but could be ...

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The Pros and Cons of Hosted Versus On-Premise CI

Should you opt for an on-premise CI solution or a hosted CI solution? It’s one of those never-ending questions, a lot like “should I use tabs or spaces?” I don’t know that I nor anyone else is ever going to end this debate about continuous integration decisively. But what I can do, what I’m going to do in this post, ...

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Using Docker Behind a Proxy

In today’s article, I am going to explore a common pain point for anyone running Docker in a large corporate environment. Today I’ll show how to use Docker without direct internet access. By default, Docker assumes that the system running Docker and executing Docker commands has general access to the internet. Often in large corporate networks this is simply not ...

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Docker Node.js Example

Despite the controversy and different opinions that Node.js generates among web developers, after all, it’s a technology that it’s widely used, so, sooner or later, a web developer (and sysadmin) will have to face it, meaning this that everyone should have, at least, a basic knowledge about it. This example will show how to easily set up a Node environment, within ...

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Running 1,000 Containers in Docker Swarm

Docker has been touted as the holy grail of on-premises software container solutions. Docker Swarm is the orchestration upgrade that allows you to scale your containers from a single host to many hosts, and from tens of containers into thousands of them. But does it deliver on that promise? Let’s run 1,000 containers to find out. Prepare the Network I’m ...

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Deploying at Scale: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Fabric and SaltStack

Get visibility into your infrastructure’s impact on app performance with AppDynamics – Monitor and optimize your customers’ journeys as they move through your applications’ infrastructure. Start a FREE Trial! The manageability, reliability and powerful technology of remote servers — cloud computing — allows IT managers to deploy hundreds, even thousands of machines. At the same time, the cloud creates a ...

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