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Why Is Python a Good Fit for Algorithmic Trading?

Table Of Contents 1. Why is Python A Good Fit For Algorithmic Trading? 2. What is Algorithmic Trading? 2.1. Why Python For Algorithmic Trading? 2.1.1 Is Python Really The Best Programming Language For This? 2.1.2 What makes Python a good fit for algorithmic trading? 3. Getting Started 1. Why is Python A Good Fit For Algorithmic Trading? Want to know ...

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Python: PyWeek 32: Lil Miss Vampire

TL;DR A world that scrolls infinitely in any direction, an RPG-like UI, and simple, real-time fighting. My younger kids and I built this entry for PyWeek 32 based on the theme “Neverending”. The key innovations are: It has a neverending world. As the player walks along, it picks up tiles and places new ones invisibly. It uses an LRUDict to remember the ...

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How to Convert a String to Lowercase in Python

As this series grows, I’ve started poking at seemingly simple problems to expose their complexity. This time, I thought it would be interesting to look at how to convert a string to lowercase. As it turns out, there’s a really straightforward solution (lower()), but I think it’s worth looking at a few homemade solutions first. For instance, we could try ...

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