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Leaflet: Mapping Strava runs/polylines on Open Street Map

I’m a big Strava user and spent a bit of time last weekend playing around with their API to work out how to map all my runs. Strava API and polylines This is a two step process: Call the /athlete/activities/ endpoint to get a list of all my activities For each of those activities call /activities/[activityId] endpoint to get more ...

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Python: Flask – Generating a static HTML page

Whenever I need to quickly spin up a web application Python’s Flask library is my go to tool but I recently found myself wanting to generate a static HTML to upload to S3 and wondered if I could use it for that as well. It’s actually not too tricky. If we’re in the scope of the app context then we ...

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AWS Lambda: Programatically scheduling a CloudWatchEvent

I recently wrote a blog post showing how to create a Python ‘Hello World’ AWS lambda function and manually invoke it, but what I really wanted to do was have it run automatically every hour. To achieve that in AWS Lambda land we need to create a CloudWatch Event. The documentation describes them as follows: Using simple rules that you ...

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AWS Lambda: Encrypted environment variables

Continuing on from my post showing how to create a ‘Hello World’ AWS lambda function I wanted to pass encrypted environment variables to my function. The following function takes in both an encrypted and unencrypted variable and prints them out. Don’t print out encrypted variables in a real function, this is just so we can see the example working! import ...

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Luigi: Defining dynamic requirements (on output files)

In my last blog post I showed how to convert a JSON document containing meetup groups into a CSV file using Luigi, the Python library for building data pipelines. As well as creating that CSV file I wanted to go back to the meetup.com API and download all the members of those groups. This was a rough flow of what ...

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A Problem With Python’s Code Blocks

So, this post was going to be completely different. I was going to do a post on how you can restrict the creation and scoping of certain objects using Python’s with code blocks. Unfortunately, with doesn’t restrict scope. Take the following code sample: with someManager() as i: # do something with i print(i) This will, unfortunately, work and print whatever ...

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