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How to Compare Strings in Python: Equality and Identity

Once again, we’re back with another Python topic. Today, we’ll talk about how to compare strings in Python. Typically, I try to stay away from strings because they have a lot of complexity (e.g. different languages, implementations, etc.). That said, I decided to take a risk with this one. Hope you like it! As a bit of a teaser, here’s ...

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5 Best Python Frameworks For Test Automation In 2020

Testing framework plays a crucial role in the success of any automated testing process. Choosing the right test automation framework is important as it will maximize the test coverage and improve test efficiency which means a better return on investment. There are some key points you need to keep in mind while choosing a suitable python testing framework. The framework should ...

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Matplotlib Tutorial (Plotting Graphs Using Pyplot)

Matplotlib is a library in python that creates 2D graphs to visualize data. Visualization always helps in better analysis of data and enhance the decision-making abilities of the user. In this matplotlib tutorial, we will plot some graphs and change some properties like fonts, labels, ranges, etc, First, we will install matplotlib, then we will start plotting some basics graphs. ...

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How to Write a Loop in Python: While and For

As this series grows, I often find myself revisiting the fundamentals. For instance, today we’ll be learning how to write a loop in Python. Luckily for you, there’s some bonus material on recursion as well. In short, there are two core ways of writing a loop, while and for. If you’re looking for a tradition loop, opt for the while ...

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8 Coolest Python Programming Language Features

After writing nearly 20 articles just about Python, I’ve decided to take some time to reflect on what I’ve learned. For instance, I recently wrote a compilation article which includes 70+ Python code snippets. Now, I’ve put together a list of some of the coolest Python programming language features. Coolest Python Features List And without further ado, let’s take a ...

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How to Perform a Reverse Dictionary Lookup in Python: Generator Expressions and More

Welcome to yet another Python tutorial. Today, we’re taking a look at dictionaries and how we can perform a reverse dictionary lookup. In words, how do we get a key from a dictionary given a value? As it turns out, there are three main solutions. First, we could try explicitly looping over the dictionary using something like my_dict.items(). Alternatively, we could ...

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