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Flask Recipe – RESTful CRUD using sqlalchemy

RESTful apps are a thing these days. When your application’s userbase gets quite large and the client could vary from a laptop to an android device to an iOS device, it pays to keep the backend code separate and use the server only for making RESTful calls using HTTP methods that pertain to basic OLTP transactions: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and ...

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Capturing HTTP requests using BrowserMobProxy

1. BrowserMob Proxy Browsermob proxy is a developers utility that helps to monitor network traffic of a web application. It is a technology that is developed under the Selenium open source project. It is originally called andBrowser Mob is now a part of Neustar. A proxy is an (Apache 2.0 license) utility that can be used with Selenium or otherwise ...

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Python Built In Functions Example

Today we will be talking about some built-in functions in Python. Why are they important to know? Well, if you do import a lot of heavy libraries for simple tasks, that will be very inefficient. A good example of that is importing NumPy just to calculate the sum of elements in a row! So basically, built-in functions don’t need to ...

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Understanding Fixtures in PyTest

1. Introduction PyTest is used for developing automation tests using python. It is a very powerful framework that can be utilized to write effective test automation scenarios in python. PyTest framework makes it easy to write small tests, yet scalable, to support complex applications and libraries. 2. PyTest fixtures The purpose of test fixtures is to provide an inbuilt baseline ...

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Monitoring Your Asynchronous Python Web Applications Using Prometheus

In my last article, we saw how we can integrate the Prometheus monitoring system with synchronous Python applications. We focused on WSGI applications such as those written in Flask or Django and deployed using uwsgi or gunicorn. In this post, we will discuss integrating Prometheus with asynchronous web applications written using aiohttp, an HTTP client/server framework built upon asyncio. Software ...

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Python Tkinter Tutorial

Today we will be talking about one python library that is used for GUI programming which is Tkinter. Table Of Contents 1. What is Tkinter? 1.1. More about Tkinter 1.2. Installing Tkinter 2. Examples 2.1. Basic examples 2.2. Widget 2.3. Frame 2.4. Event handling 3. Summary 4. Homework 5. Download the source code 1. What is Tkinter 1.1. More about ...

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Behavioural Driven Development using Python Behave

1. Introduction Behave is Behavioural Driven Development that uses Python as its back end language. Behave uses tests written in natural language format, backed up by python code. 2. Installation The installation of Behave can be done in two ways: You can install Behave using pip. All you have to do is just type in pip install behave. The other way ...

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Python NumPy Array Tutorial

Today we will be talking about one useful library that is used in data science. Now, why do we need a library and can’t use Python itself? Well, we can actually use Python itself, but once you get familiar with working in NumPy, you will see the difference. Table Of Contents 1. What is NumPy? 1.1. Installing NumPy 2. Working ...

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