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How to Convert a String to Lowercase in Python

As this series grows, I’ve started poking at seemingly simple problems to expose their complexity. This time, I thought it would be interesting to look at how to convert a string to lowercase. As it turns out, there’s a really straightforward solution (lower()), but I think it’s worth looking at a few homemade solutions first. For instance, we could try ...

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How to Obfuscate Code in Python: A Thought Experiment

As with most articles in this series, I was doing some browsing on Google, and I found that some folks had an interest in learning how to obfuscate code in Python. Naturally, I thought that would be a fun topic. By no means am I an expert, but I’m familiar with the idea. As a result, treat this like a ...

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Image Titler 1.5.2 Supports Logo Insertion

During the first weekend of the semester, I got inspired to do some Python development. Out of the inspiration came the latest feature of the Image Titler took: logo insertion. In this article, we’ll take a look at what that means and how it was implemented. What Is Logo Insertion? As far as names are concerned, logo insertion isn’t a ...

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How to Compare Strings in Python: Equality and Identity

Once again, we’re back with another Python topic. Today, we’ll talk about how to compare strings in Python. Typically, I try to stay away from strings because they have a lot of complexity (e.g. different languages, implementations, etc.). That said, I decided to take a risk with this one. Hope you like it! As a bit of a teaser, here’s ...

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