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Here at Web Code Geeks we know how much you love books about programming; we are geeks ourselves. After all, a programmer that respects himself should always have his face in a book, he has to keep up with the latest technologies and developments. For this reason, we have decided to distribute 9 of our books for free. You can ...

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How We Rolled Out Our Recent UI Changes

We recently released an updated UI, focusing on the most important pages within our application and laying the groundwork for future improvements. Ryan Wilke, senior product designer at Codeship, wrote about the design process, our thinking, and how we got to the initial release. Along with this design process, we also want to share how we handle complex feature rollouts ...

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Understanding Docker’s CMD and ENTRYPOINT Instructions

When creating a Docker container, the goal is generally that anyone could simply execute docker run <containername> and launch the container. In today’s article, we are going to explore two key Dockerfile instructions that enable us to do just that. Let’s explore the differences between the CMD and ENTRYPOINT instructions. On the surface, the CMD and ENTRYPOINT instructions look like ...

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Bootstrap Autocomplete Example

In this example we will build a Bootstrap Autocomplete that helps users with suggestions as they fill text fields. Autocomplete reduces keystrokes and improves usability because user can select a suggestion rather than typing it in. To implement this autocomplete we will use Bootstrap modal window. As a result the user can either press the Enter key or click with ...

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HashiCorp Tools Useful for Continuous Integration

HashiCorp is a company that feels like it’s always been around. Quietly plugging away just out of the limelight working on awesome products and every now and then releasing something groundbreaking that you wondered how you worked without it. I attended a couple of meetups recently that covered HashiCorp tools and felt the time was ripe I dug into all ...

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Updating a Maintainable NPM Module with Continuous Integration

In Part I of this two-part series, you learned how to write, test a JavaScript module, and publish it as an NPM package. This post will focus on updating your module using continuous integration. Continuous Integration and Deployment with Codeship Continuous integration (CI) is one of those topics that might sound scary and complicated, and of course there are a ...

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JQuery errorPlacement Example

Hello readers! In this article we will take a look on how to use the JQuery validate plugin. In this specific case this is the validate option called errorPlacement function. We will learn how to implement a few simple examples using the JQuery validate API and its function errorPlacement.  We will also check some details about this API. Before we start, check ...

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Where Is the Deployment Space Heading?

With all the time I’ve spent of late assessing different deployment options, it seemed pertinent to stop for a moment and see where the deployment space is heading over the next couple of years. However, like any form of crystal ball-gazing, what we see happening in the future is only a prediction about what we think may come — even ...

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Using the New Python Instance Properties

Last week, I showed you my new implementation for instance-level properties in Python. This week, we’ll take another look at it by implementing a few Delegated Properties and helpers to make using them just a hair nicer. Recreating Kotlin’s Built-In Delegates For inspiration of what Delegated Properties to create, we’ll start by recreating the ones built into Kotlin, starting with ...

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JQuery Datatable Example

Hello readers, in this article we will take a look on how to use a JQuery Data table plugin. We will learn how to implement a few simple examples using the JQuery Data table API and also we will check some details about this API. Before we start, check the requirements related to the technologies and the frameworks used to ...

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