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How Continuous Integration Works, and The Big Benefit No One Talks About

Discover faster, more efficient performance monitoring with an enterprise APM product learning from your apps. Take the AppDynamics APM Guided Tour! In a digital world that moves as fast as ours, programmers are applying new, creative ways of thinking to the software development process in a non-stop push for ever-faster turnaround times. In DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI) is increasingly the ...

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FREE Programming books with the WCG Newsletter

Here at Web Code Geeks we know how much you love books about programming; we are geeks ourselves. After all, a programmer that respects himself should always have his face in a book, he has to keep up with the latest technologies and developments. For this reason, we have decided to distribute 9 of our books for free. You can ...

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The Basics of the Docker Run Command

For many Docker enthusiasts, the docker run command is a familiar one. It’s often the first Docker command we learn. The docker run command is the command used to launch Docker containers. As such, it’s familiar to anyone starting or running Docker containers on a daily basis. In this article, we will get back to the basics and explore a ...

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Python Built In Functions Example

Today we will be talking about some built-in functions in Python. Why are they important to know? Well, if you do import a lot of heavy libraries for simple tasks, that will be very inefficient. A good example of that is importing NumPy just to calculate the sum of elements in a row! So basically, built-in functions don’t need to ...

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Querying and Pagination with DynamoDB

This is the second of a three-part series on working with DynamoDB. The first article covered the basics of DynamoDB, such as creating tables, working with items along with batch operations, and conditional writes. This post will focus on different ways you can query a table in DynamoDB and, more important, when to take advantage of which operation efficiently, including ...

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Bootstrap Breadcrumb Navigation Example

We will look at Breadcrumb navigation using Bootstrap in this article. Breadcrumb navigation is essentially a display of the hierarchical path taken by the user to reach the current page in the site. It also gives the users the ability to jump back one or more levels to reach back the page they navigated through. In essence it is a ...

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How to enable/disable an element using jQuery and JavaScript? Example

Sometimes we need to enable and disable input elements e.g. text box, radio buttons or checkbox, how can we do it dynamically without loading the page? Well, we can use JavaScript, particularly jQuery to do this. An element can be disabled in HTML by setting disable property to true and enabled again by setting disabled=false. By using jQuery, we can ...

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Understanding Fixtures in PyTest

1. Introduction PyTest is used for developing automation tests using python. It is a very powerful framework that can be utilized to write effective test automation scenarios in python. PyTest framework makes it easy to write small tests, yet scalable, to support complex applications and libraries. 2. PyTest fixtures The purpose of test fixtures is to provide an inbuilt baseline ...

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Bootstrap Responsive Example

This article discusses the responsive feature of the Bootstrap Framework. We will start with taking a look at what is Responsiveness in terms of websites and web applications and what all the buzz is about. Once we gain an understanding of responsive designs and terms, we will, progress with creating a web page of our own which is needless to ...

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Working with DynamoDB

Recently, I worked on an IoT-based project where we had to store time-series data coming from multiple sensors and show real-time data to an enduser. Further, we needed to generate reports and analyze gathered information. To deal with the continuous data flowing from the sensors, we chose DynamoDB for storage. DynamoDB promises to handle large data with single-digit millisecond latency, ...

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