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It’s 2019! Let’s End The Debate On Icon Fonts vs SVG Icons

In the world of modern web, icons have become an indelible and integral part of UI design. From navigation menus to social media icons, symbols and indicators, icons feature heavily on almost every single website and app on the internet and its popularity showing no signs of waning anytime soon. Consequently, every developer has to face this conundrum – Which ...

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Top 5 Python Frameworks For Test Automation In 2019

After being voted as the best programming language in the year 2018, Python still continues rising up the charts and currently ranks as the 3rd best programming language just after Java and C, as per the index published by Tiobe. With the increasing use of this language, the popularity of test automation frameworks based on Python is increasing as well. ...

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Are Your HTML5 Input Fields Cross Browser Compatible?

Forms are integral part of your online business. Being the primary source of data collection for your visitors, their appearance on the internet matters more than you can think of! Keep in mind though, that even if you do design them neat and catchy, they may end up looking absurd when accessed through different browsers and browser versions. In this ...

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Fixing Browser Compatibility Issues With CSS Opacity & RGBA

Very often web designers encounter the need to spice of their websites by playing with CSS opacity for backgrounds, texts and images to build modern subdued styling effects. Opacity is also extensively utilised in creating a subtle shadow effect on text and boxes to make a webpage more attractive for users. This can be achieved either by using the CSS ...

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19 Best Practices For Automation testing With Node.js

Node js has become one of the most popular frameworks in JavaScript today. Used by millions of developers, to develop thousands of project, node js is being extensively used. The more you develop, the better the testing you require to have a smooth, seamless application. This article shares the best practices for the testing 2019, to deliver a robust ...

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AWS Amplify

Lately I spent a bit of time tinkering with AWS Amplify. It’s a framework that provides a library, command line tools, and UI components to quickly get started with basic features that are common in most applications. The framework supports iOS, Android, Web and React Native applications. I concentrated on the Web part of the framework that has support for ...

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Interaction Design 101: What Is It and How Can You Implement It in Your Site?

There was a time when websites were purely visual. The information you sought was displayed on your computer screen — information like directory contents, magazine articles, or photographs — without any user interaction. Thanks to various developments in computer hardware and media, websites have become much more than that. Today, users do not just visit a website to browse through ...

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JavaScript Array Iteration Methods Example

Greetings readers, in this tutorial, we will explore the Array iteration methods in the javascript. 1. Introduction JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that allows the client-side scripting to interact with a user and deliver the dynamic pages. Most web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc. support it. The JavaScript scripting language includes: ...

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