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Parsing Binary Data Formats

This story started with me wanting to write a steganography tool. Steganography is the process of hiding information inside a file, typically an image. To do that, I had to write an image decoder first because you can’t just start changing random bytes. All that will do is make the image invalid or corrupt. I selected PNG as the image ...

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Using Honcho to Create a Multi-Process Docker Container

A common misconception is that Docker is only for creating single-process or single-service containers. While it’s true that the Dockerfile and docker run command options are designed for running a single process, that doesn’t mean that Docker itself doesn’t allow for a multi-process Docker container. In fact, Docker’s documentation has a very useful tutorial on how to run multi-process containers ...

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Php Cookie Example

Cookies are an important part of php and web development in general. Since http is a stateless protocol (This means that the server forgets each client after a connection), web developers need a way to store user preferences or allow their scripts to remember details about each client.  Cookies take on to solve this problem. (There are other solutions like ...

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Your job will never be done

As a software developer, you have to become comfortable with the fact that your work is never truly done. The software you create will always be a work in progress. When you code that last feature or fix that last bug, another one will pop up soon enough. Also, as you keep learning, you’ll find better patterns that you want ...

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Bootstrap gallery example

The majority of the web sites have a page where they display a great amount of images. These pages are the well known gallery or portfolio pages. In this example I’m going to show you how you can use a bootstrap template to those pages. 1. Get a template In this example we are going to use hydrogen template. This template has an ...

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Consider VueJS for Your Next Web Project

Whether or not you’ve ever heard of VueJS before, never fear. I’m here to share some insights on how and why we at Codeship used this “new” library for our Docker-builds UI, Jet. What Is VueJS? To get a rough idea of what Vue (pronounced “view”) does, think about it as the ‘V’ in an MV* pattern. If you’d like ...

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Create DynamoDB tables with Node.js

On this post we will create Tables on a DynamoDB Database using node.js Before getting started we need to have local dynamodb installed since we want to avoid any costs for dynamodb usage. There was a previous post on local dynamodb. In case you use docker you can find a local dynamodb image or you can create one on you own ...

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Angular.js Scope Apply Example

If you’re even a little bit into learning Angular and have researched the main points and have the basic understanding of it, you will have noticed that the first thing everyone should have a good grasp on, is the two-way data binding that AngularJS offers. But what is data binding and how can you implement it in your Angular apps? how simple ...

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Insert Items to DynamoDB Tables using Node.js

On a previous article we learned how to create DynamoDB Tables using Node.js. Next step is to insert items to the DynamoDB Tables previously created. Keep in mind that for the insert action the most basic step is to specify the the primary key. For the table users the primary key is the attribute email. You can add as many attributes ...

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Microservices Best Practices

As more and more development teams are becoming aware of the benefits of microservices and service-oriented architecture, we need to make sure we’re not just barreling ahead with little to no plan. It’s essential to think about the consumers of these services; we need to craft good developer experience in order to make working with microservices easy and maintainable. In ...

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