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Good Module, Bad Module

You already know how to use modules in Ruby, but are you abusing them? In this post, we’ll take a look at different ways to program with modules and why they may or may not be a great idea. Namespace Modules give you an easy way to namespace the rest of your code. For example, when you generate a new ...

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Laravel and Behat Using Selenium and Headless Chrome

Let’s take a look at using Codeship for Selenium and Headless Chrome testing, which is key for interacting with JavaScript features on your site. I also want to show you how to troubleshoot those rare moments when there’s an issue on the CI but not on your local build, by using Codeship’s SSH feature and Sauce Lab’s remote connections. You ...

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PHP Form Action Example

In this example we will learn how to create HTML forms and how to handle data transmitted through them with PHP. HTML forms allows user’s send data to a server or website. If a website needs to collect a user name, age or date of birth it’s most likely going to use HTML forms. Login and registration systems for websites ...

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Angular.js Login Example

Login forms have become part of the norm in the latest years, and their importance increases with the sensitivity of the information being dealt inside your app. Keeping the best interests of your recurring users at heart, the login should be well thought out and impossible to crack, so that the information trusted to you is safe. Login on an ...

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10 Essential WordPress Interview Questions

1. Consider the following code snippet. Briefly explain what changes it will achieve, who can and cannot view its effects, and at what URL WordPress will make it available. add_action('admin_menu', 'custom_menu'); function custom_menu(){ add_menu_page('Custom Menu', 'Custom Menu', 'manage_options', 'custom-menu-slug', 'custom_menu_page_display'); } function custom_menu_page_display(){ echo '<h1>Hello World</h1>'; echo '<p>This is a custom page</p>'; } This will add a new menu item labelled ...

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Managing Private Dependencies with Bundler

Bundler is a great resource for managing dependencies in your Ruby projects. It helps verify compatible versions between each of your gem dependencies as well as create a version lock file. This guarantees that everyone who uses that same project will be working with the same gem versions that worked for you. Specifying Dependencies with Gemfiles The Gemfile is a ...

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The joy of batching

The garden is winding down, so I need to can, freeze and otherwise preserve the harvest so it doesn’t go to waste. It’s a time-consuming task: a single batch of pickles takes a few hours, from slicing the cucumbers to processing the jars. Still, it’s a decent time investment since I like homemade pickles. It would not make sense to ...

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Getting Started With Laravel On Codeship – Part II

In the first part of this series, I stepped through the basics of creating a continuous-deployment pipeline for a Laravel-based application using Codeship. We had a look at the application’s overall structure, its configuration, created database migrations, and created some acceptance tests. We finished up by working through an initial Codeship project creation, so that the test-suite could be run ...

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Angular.js Components Example

One of the most powerful features in AngularJS are directives, what with them marking a DOM element so that it behaves a certain way. However, properly using and constructing them would give us a more robust application, as directives are essential in creating flexible Javascript and template code for our app. With the feature-set that AngularJS has to offer, we ...

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