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Caching of Modules in NodeJS

In this post, I am talking about caching of Modules in NodeJS. We have the following files 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 //greet.js module.exports = {     greeting: "Hello!",     greet: function(){         console.log(this.greeting);     } } 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 //app.js var greet1 = require("./module/greet"); greet1.greet(); greet1.greeting = "Yooo!"; greet1.greet();       var greet2 ...

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Exports vs module.exports in NodeJs, Which one to use?

We know that when our code is run through the node it’s wrapped in a function expression. This enables us to access the module object which is a parameter passed to that function. 1 2 3 (function (exports, require, module, __filename, __dirname) {     //module code }); This function expression is then invoked with the following arguments: 1 fn(module.exports, require, module, ...

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How NodeJs Processes Modules?

We all know that to execute a node application, we have to type the command. In this post, we’ll see how NodeJS processes Modules. whereapp.jsis the entry point to our application. But seldom do we wonder about what’s happening when we type this command. How does the node magically come to take our js file and executes it? This is ...

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V8 Engine and Introduction to NodeJS

Sharing is Caring This post is going to talk about V8 Engine and Introduction to NodeJS Processor Accepts instructions in a particular language (eg: IA-32, X86-64, ARM, MIPS…). We need to give instruction to a processor on a computer in the language it understands. The microprocessor inputs those instructions and executes them. Machine Code (or Machine Language) Programming languages understood ...

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Top 5 Python Web Development Frameworks for Programmers

Hello guys, I am a Java developer and have been writing about Java for a long time. Initially I wasn’t interested in Python but eventually, I had to join the Python wagon when I started exploring Machine Learning and Data Science. There is no doubt that Python is the #1 programming language and it’s heavily used in areas like automation ...

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Optimize CI Using a Strong Testing Suite with Ruby on Rails

When it comes to testing suites, it’s imperative to have a strong suite with all the tools to make your teams life easier. Once your team has a strong testing suite, automating the suite with continuous integration (CI) will bring less defects in your production environments. Currently, the industry has some best practices for testing: BDD, TDD, etc. – although ...

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How To Create A Cross Browser Compatible HTML Progress Bar?

One of the key elements of any modern website that you would have come across on the internet is an HTML progress bar. HTML5 progress elements have become a fundamental part of web design that is used for a wide array of tasks be it to display file download/upload status, file transfer, registration, installation or any task which is in ...

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Differences Between Testing Web And Mobile Apps

Functional testing of a system application, for example, a company’s network is different from testing a mobile application with thousands, if not millions, of users. Testing mobile applications involve testing many configurations and therefore taking several steps. It is vital to test your mobile app before launching it in the market. This can determine the success or failure of app ...

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