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Test Verification vs Validation in Website Testing

Verification and Validation, both are important testing activities that collectively define all the mandatory testing activities a tester along with the entire team needs to perform when you are developing a website for either your organization or for the client. For testers, especially those who are new in the industry, understanding the difference between test verification vs validation in website ...

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Gotham – From Start to Heroku

In this article, we’ll implement and deploy a Gotham full-stack web framework using the Tera template system, Webpack for a complete front-end asset management, a minimal VueJS and CoffeeScript web app and deploy to Heroku. Gotham is a Rust framework which is focused on safety, speed, concurrency and async everything. Webpack is a NodeJS website asset preprocessor and bundler which can let you use ...

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How will AI influence the web development in future?

Technology innovation has taken the world by storm. The webbed world has witnessed the gradual advancements from a simple text-based website with no formatting to the website that’s jam-packed with numerous design elements, animation, typography, background sound, and pretty more. Not just in terms of look and feel, but web development has reached a new level where performance, user experience, ...

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Populate Oracle JET table from JSON based REST Web Service

Before starting with this post first go through my previous post about using JET with JDeveloper. Here I am using the same JET nav drawer template application. In this post, we’ll see how to consume JSON based REST Web Service and populate data in Oracle JET table (oj-table) component We have URL of REST Web Service –, it returns a list ...

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Working with Oracle JET Chart Component

In this post, we’ll see how to use Oracle JET Chart (oj-chart) Component and its various properties. Here I am using Oracle JET with JDeveloper 12.1.3. To learn more about using JET with JDeveloper refer my previous post Goto Oracle JET Cookbook and read the whole recipe of Bar Chart, Here you’ll learn about basic properties of a chart Now open ...

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Oracle JET Components Demo Using Cookbook in Jdeveloper

In this post, I am sharing how can we use Oracle JET Cookbook to understand basic UI components and How can we copy and use code from the cookbook. Here I am using JDeveloper 12.1.3 to create Oracle JET Components Demo Application. In the previous post, I have explained about creating a JET application using JDeveloper. Here I am using the ...

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Getting started with Oracle JET and Jdeveloper

I am writing some posts about Oracle JET and these posts are my learning experience so if you find any wrong info then let me know. Being an ADF developer I started using JET with JDeveloper instead of Netbeans. This is the first post and here I am sharing how to set up Oracle JET and JDeveloper to work together. ...

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