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Senior Java developer, one of the top stackoverflow users, fluent with Java and Java technology stacks - Spring, JPA, JavaEE, as well as Android, Scala and any framework you throw at him. creator of Computoser - an algorithmic music composer. Worked on telecom projects, e-government and large-scale online recruitment and navigation platforms.

Automating the Change of WordPress Permalinks

WordPress is powering 35% of website. And while it may not be seen as very complex or interesting, it is one of the most prevalent technologies of our time. And many developers, even if they are not working with PHP, have to support some WordPress installation (e.g. a blog like this one). And unfortunately, there are still basic things that ...

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JavaScript Files (From Magecart-Style Attacks)

Most web pages now consist of multiple JavaScript files that are included in various ways (via <script> or in some more dynamic fashion, bundled and minified or not). But since these scripts interact with everything on the page, they can be a security risk. And Magecart showcased that risk – the group attacked multiple websites, including British Airwaysand Ticketmaster, and stole a few ...

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