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Ruby on Rails Developer Series: Spinning Up a JSON API in Minutes

Welcome to the first of four Ruby on Rails Developer Series. In this series, the goal is to outline how to strengthen your API with Postgres, how to dockerize your project and add security layers to mitigate attacks to your application. In this article, we’ll cycle through building a quick API-only application uses the JSON API from Active Model Serializer. ...

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SyncEm: Thread-Safe Decorators in Ruby

I wrote some time ago about thread-safety in OOP and how it can be achieved with decorators. It was also said that it’s very important to make sure objects are thread-safe (in Ruby and in Java), especially in web apps, which are multi-threaded (well, in most cases anyway). Well, here is SyncEm, a primitive Ruby gem which makes the above ...

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Why Choose MEAN Stack for Your Web App Development?

With every passing year, the number of apps being downloaded is increasing rapidly. In 2018, approximately 205 billion apps were downloaded. This is why software and app development are becoming lucrative career options. However, app development isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Instead, it is marked by a variety of complicated decisions. As an app developer, your ability to make ...

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Oracle JET Common Model Factory Method to Consume REST Services

Previously I have posted about consuming web services in Oracle JET using jQuery method and using Oracle JET Common Model. I have seen Oracle JET Common Model Factory method in one of the blog and in MOOC course so tried same but because of some version change or problem it was not working as expected but I got a solution in OTN JET forum and sharing same here ...

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21 Tips To Become Better In JavaScript, Much Much Better!

JavaScript is a web programming language that is designed and used to make interactive web pages. Interactive is a fancy word which can be boiled down to the interaction between the user and the web page. This interaction is based on the functionality of the web pages and not any manual intervention. For example, let’s say you are building a ...

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How to find all Checked checkboxes in jQuery? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, suppose you have multiple checkboxes in your HTML page and you want to retrieve all checkboxes which are checked? How will you do that in jQuery? Well, you can use the pseudo selector like :checked to get all checked checkboxes. This selector checks for the checked property of checkbox and returns only those checkboxes which have this property. ...

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Please, Don’t Improvise

We all know what happens when a programmer decides how a web site or a mobile app should look. It ends up looking ugly. And why is that? I don’t know exactly, but my best bet is on the left-brained nature of programmers, who mostly are rigid and logical mathematicians. UI design, to the contrary, requires creativity and intuition, which ...

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Better Unbound Python Descriptors

Welcome back from another hiatus! This post is a facepalm post because I recently realized that I’ve been an idiot for so long. I have a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be, as can be seen in my articles about instance properties. I’ve briefly mentioned unbound attributes (Class.attr returns a function that you pass an ...

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