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Building a Node Module That Connects to DB2

The NPM registry contains many Node modules that help you to connect to a wide variety of databases including MySQL, Oracle, Mongo and even IBM DB2. This article demonstrates how to write a very simple Node module that connects to DB2 using the ibm_db Node module provided by IBM. Key concepts covered in this article: Creating a simple Node module Using ...

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HTML5 Notification Example

In this example we are going to learn about HTML5 notification API. For this example we will use: A computer with a modern browser installed. notepad++. Wamp Server: You can actually use any server, the most important thing is that your app has to be hosted on an http server or else HTML5 notifications will not work. 1. Getting Started ...

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Comparing Elixir and Go

Elixir and Go have both grown significantly in popularity over the past few years, and both are often reached for by developers looking for high concurrency solutions. The two languages follow many similar principles, but both have made some core tradeoffs that affect their potential use cases. Let’s compare the two by taking a look at their backgrounds, their programming ...

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Effectively Testing Dockerized Ruby Applications

Docker is an incredibly popular tool for virtualizing development and production environments. Its value lies in the idea that it creates portable, scalable environments that anyone can scaffold within minutes. However, a consequence of virtualizing environments is that we have to take a different approach to testing them. How do we effectively test Docker applications? This can be a loaded ...

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AngularJs 2 Series: Concept of Services

Introduction In this article I will demonstrate the concept of Services in AngularJs 2. I will show you how to develop a custom alert service that displays a message as an alert notification. We will use Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) to build the AngularJs 2 Service. The article assumes that you have already setup AngularJs with CLI. For more ...

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HTML5 History API Example

Pre HTML5 we could only perform few basic operations on the browser history stack, simple operations like re-visiting a previously visited URL. Today (with HTML5) we can perform more complex operations on the browser history stack.   In this example we are going to develop simple modules that work with the new features added to HTML5 history API. For this ...

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Setting Up Deployment for AWS CodeDeploy and AWS Elastic Beanstalk

In the second post of this series, we continued with a quick tutorial on deploying new Docker images to Amazon’s EC2 Container Service with Codeship. We’ll wrap things up with a discussion about the similarities and differences of Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk and CodeDeploy. So, we’ve seen how to deploy Docker images to ECR, but what about Amazon’s other non-Docker code ...

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Docker Hub Nginx Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to take advantage of Docker Hub to deal with Docker images, with an Nginx image, one of the most used web servers in the last times. For this tutorial, Linux Mint 18 and Docker version 1.12.1 have been used. Tip You may skip Docker installation and jump directly to the beginning of the ...

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What’s New in Docker 1.13

Docker just released version 1.13 of Docker Engine, which is full of new features to make deploying highly available services even easier. It also introduces some commands and workflows to improve the developer experience for Docker users. You can see the full release notes on GitHub, but here’s a summary of a handful of interesting updates. Orchestration updates Docker 1.13 ...

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With the advent of HTML5 ( the new standard for the web ) also comes new API, with great features. This new set of API has made things that were quite difficult or outrightly impossible to do on the browser, possible. In this example we are going to demystify one of the features of HTML5-The file API. For this example ...

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