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Using Docker Compose for Ruby Development

Docker is an amazing tool for developers. It allows us to build and replicate images on any host, removing the inconsistencies of dev environments and reducing onboarding timelines considerably. To provide an example of how you might move to containerized development, I built a simple todo API with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL using Docker Compose for development, testing, and ...

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Rendering RESTful service with React

Looking at the popularity of React, I thought of learning it and creating a simple UI which will render data from RESTful service. With this post, I will try to replicate the steps I followed while writing it along with references. Before starting, let me give you a brief introduction about React. What is React? React is a declarative, efficient, ...

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HTML5 Datalist Example

HTML5, among other things, introduced new features and improvements for the forms. One of these is the datalist element, which allows to define a list of suggested options, but without enforcing the user to choose one of them, and allowing him to introduce any other value, having also an autocomplete feature. For this example, the following browsers have been used ...

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Docker Enables Polyglot Shops

If your infrastructure is Docker based, you’ve already created an environment that isn’t dependent on a single language. Step 2 is realizing why the words “standardize on language y” no longer make sense. A while back, I wrote a piece on how Heroku streamlines a lot of the pain points of microservice architecture. One of the big wins I talked ...

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Building a PHP Command Line App with Docker

Over the past few months, I’ve started using Docker for all my local development work. Previously I had experimented with VMs, but because we deal in microservices, running six or more VMs on my Macbook Pro was starting to get cumbersome. Docker has clear advantages in system utilization, but I also like that my local configuration can easily be used ...

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Crystal from a Rubyist’s Perspective

Crystal is a language written to be very much like Ruby but as a compiled language rather than an interpreted one. This gives us the advantage of compile time optimizations which will make our code run much faster. Another difference in Crystal’s design is that it’s a Typed language rather than a Dynamically Typed one. This helps with the languages ...

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Leaflet: Mapping Strava runs/polylines on Open Street Map

I’m a big Strava user and spent a bit of time last weekend playing around with their API to work out how to map all my runs. Strava API and polylines This is a two step process: Call the /athlete/activities/ endpoint to get a list of all my activities For each of those activities call /activities/[activityId] endpoint to get more ...

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HTML5 Graphs Tutorial

One of the most expected features of HTML5 was the introduction of the canvas element, allowing to draw graphics on it. This tutorial will show how to draw graphs on it, starting from the lowest level, and ending with a JavaScript library. As it is an HTML example, we won’t need any web server or back-end language installed in our ...

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