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Basedash, AI-Generated Data Exploration

Every team working in software needs to interact with databases, whether that’s CRUD operations, visualizing data or sharing queries with their team-members. Often-times this means creating clunky internal tools so that your non-technical team members can access the data they need to do their jobs. Developing these tools can be a slog.

That’s where Basedash comes in. They’ve made the admin panel that builds itself. Basedash is an AI-generated interface to visualize, edit, and explore your data. Just connect your SQL database and you’ll instantly be able to edit and collaborate on data in real-time.

Our customers use Basedash to solve all kinds of business problems faster, from handling support data, managing feature flags, creating charts and visualizations. It’s the best way to give your team access to the data they need, without having to waste a ton of time cobbling together different internal tools.

Start using it today

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Olivia Dev
3 months ago

This is Great.

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