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He is a versatile software engineer with experience in a wide variety of applications/services.He is enthusiastic about new projects, embracing new technologies, and getting to know people in the field of software.

Debug your container by overriding the command

The main problem with docker on debugging has to do with images that already have the CMD command specified. If something goes wrong and has to do with the filesystem, or some commands that should have taken effect and they did not you need to do some troubleshooting. Overriding the command which is executed should be helpful. I do this ...

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Docker compose: run stack dynamically

I use docker compose every day for my local development needs. During the day I might turn on/off various databases or servers thus I need to do it fast and in a managed way. Usually your docker-compose files contains the configuration for many containers, network, volumes etc. stack.yaml 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 ...

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Docker basics: Docker compose

Docker Compose is a tool that allows you to run multi-container applications. With compose we can use yaml files to configure our application’ services and then using a single command create and start all of the configured services. I use this tool a lot when it comes to local development in a microservice environment. It is also lightweight and needs ...

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Secure a docker registry using ssl

As mentioned on a previous article having a registry with a username and password is not secure if the registry is not ssl configured. So we are going to add the ssl certificates to our registry. To make things easier we will use let’s encrypt which is free. Once we have generated the credentials we have to add them to ...

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Docker basics: Docker Registry

By default when using docker you pull the images from the Dockerhub docker registry. Most probably you have your own docker images for you application and you want to distribute them and do so in a secure way. One way to do so is to go with the already set options such as a paid plan from Dockerhub or the ...

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Docker basics: Containers

So we have just created a docker image and now it’s time for us to run a container and interact with it. docker run nginx This will run an nginx image and as we can see due to running the container in an interactive mode the terminal we issued the command is no longer available. We will press ctrl-c. By ...

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Docker basics: Images

So what are docker images? A docker image is read-only layer consisting of binaries libraries and the software which the container shall execute. A docker image can have as a base another docker image. Actually they are a read only template. Once created they are stored in your file system. To view the docker images currently installed on your system ...

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Docker basics: An introduction

On this blog docker is mentioned many times, and many tutorials utilize docker. It is always good to have a go on docker basics and provide a fast reference, in our workday the more we get absorbed with certain problems the easier it gets to forget.                   So with docker you can ...

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Update DynamoDB Items with Node.js

On a previous post we proceeded into inserting items to DynamoDB using Node.js. DynamoDB also supports updating items. We will use the Login table for the update examples. When issuing an update you must specify the primary key of the item you want to update. var updateName = function(email,fullName,callback) { var docClient = new AWS.DynamoDB.DocumentClient(); var params = { TableName:"Users", ...

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