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Yanis Triandaphilov lives and works in Prague. He's been into Ruby and JavaScript development for more than six years now. "Being not too smart, I struggle for clarity and simplicity in everything I do."

Build an SMS Groceries App with Ionic and Angular

In this article, we’re going to have a closer look at the Ionic Framework, which is a modern WEB-based platform for building mobile apps. That means you don’t need to have any knowledge about the mobile platforms to build real apps. Ionic is a full platform which evolved from a simple UI library. It’s a complete gateway for a web ...

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Angular 1 to React Migration

Recently I decided to migrate one of my side projects to React. I had several reasons for that, but the most important is that, obviously, Angular 1 is old, and nobody cares about it anymore. No community, no bugfixes, no improvements. It is basically dead. So I decided to give React a go. And you know what? I was blown ...

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Building a Simple Notes Manager with Vue.js

Vue.js fascinates me. The author is Evan You, a former Angular developer. Somehow he managed to take the best of the two worlds — Angular and React — and build a simple, easy to learn, and extremely productive framework. To show you the benefits of using Vue.js, I thought I’d make something useful from the ground up. I decided to ...

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Principles of Effective Testing with Capybara

Currently the world of integration testing is overwhelmed with complexity. Industry standards require adding more layers of abstraction with tools like Cucumber, SitePrism, and others, and as a result it becomes more difficult and tedious for a developer to write a simple test. But as any other part of the codebase, testing scenarios should be simple and fun. They should ...

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