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Prahlad is a freelance software developer working on web and mobile application development. He also likes to blog about programming and contribute to opensource.

Backbone.Events+Promises+async/await is a great combination for building JavaScript apps

At the risk of being a contrarian, I’d like to show in this article how exactly can the Backbone’s Events model be combined with the more modern constructs of Promises and async/await to build a killer app using JavaScript. First, let’s try to understand why do we need these constructs for asynchronous programming when JavaScript itself is a mostly asynchronous ...

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The Right Way to Architect Single Page Web Applications

Lets face it, Web Apps are a complex and complicated beast, both on the front end and back end. The reason we had to come up with so many frameworks and libraries (angular/backbone/react/vue/marionette/require.js/etc.) is that the whole process is quite difficult and convoluted. Once your app starts to scale in complexity, even the best of ideas and best practices in ...

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WordPress DIY: Adding Syntax Highlighting to your WordPress Blog Without using an External Plugin

Just as my other articles in WordPress DIY series, this one also focuses on doing everything yourself by writing the code rather than using any external dependencies. There are two popular open source implementations of Syntax Highlighting JavaScript libraries: Google’s Prettify and Alex Gorbatchev’s Syntax Highlighter, and in this article, we will use the former. Writing your own plugin for ...

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WordPress DIY: Adding Twitter Cards Meta to your blog

Just like my last article, we won’t be focusing on using a third party plugin, but write our own plugin. I’m a minimalist and don’t prefer to use layer-2 solutions for really trivial things that can easily be achieved by writing code. Now, though trivial to implement, the twitter cards support is a very important and useful thing for your ...

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WordPress DIY: Adding Google Analytics Script to your Blog

Adding a custom script element to your WordPress blog is really straightforward if you know what you are doing and there isn’t any need to install a third-party plugin for this. Now, for something like spam protection (Akismet) or adding contact forms (Contact Form Seven), its quite understandable, but if you take the approach of adding third party plugins for ...

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What problem is React/JSX solving in your App?

Framework wars and debates are very much a thing these days, be it Angular vs Backbone or Angular vs React, but the real debate isn’t about these frameworks. The real debate essentially comes down to which is the most efficient way of structuring your app and more importantly, rendering and managing your DOM. Whilst the traditional jQuery/Backbone way is to ...

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Webpack Project is sitting on a vulnerability, avoid it at all costs!

The other day, I was going through this medium post which describes the kind of chaos and insecurity currently plaguing the JavaScript world, and the numero uno reason for that is the astronomical number of npm packages. When you usually install a non-trivial library or application through a package manager, the expectation is that the number of dependencies should be ...

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How to create a Google Drive App in Flask

This is the first in a series of articles for web programmers that explain in detail about using the Google Drive API in your web applications to access files/folders on behalf of the users of your application. In my last project, I had to develop a python flask app for my users that required to access the files stored in ...

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