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How to enable/disable an element using jQuery and JavaScript? Example

Sometimes we need to enable and disable input elements e.g. text box, radio buttons or checkbox, how can we do it dynamically without loading the page? Well, we can use JavaScript, particularly jQuery to do this. An element can be disabled in HTML by setting disable property to true and enabled again by setting disabled=false. By using jQuery, we can ...

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Understanding Fixtures in PyTest

1. Introduction PyTest is used for developing automation tests using python. It is a very powerful framework that can be utilized to write effective test automation scenarios in python. PyTest framework makes it easy to write small tests, yet scalable, to support complex applications and libraries. 2. PyTest fixtures The purpose of test fixtures is to provide an inbuilt baseline ...

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Bootstrap Responsive Example

This article discusses the responsive feature of the Bootstrap Framework. We will start with taking a look at what is Responsiveness in terms of websites and web applications and what all the buzz is about. Once we gain an understanding of responsive designs and terms, we will, progress with creating a web page of our own which is needless to ...

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Working with DynamoDB

Recently, I worked on an IoT-based project where we had to store time-series data coming from multiple sensors and show real-time data to an enduser. Further, we needed to generate reports and analyze gathered information. To deal with the continuous data flowing from the sensors, we chose DynamoDB for storage. DynamoDB promises to handle large data with single-digit millisecond latency, ...

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Monitoring Your Asynchronous Python Web Applications Using Prometheus

In my last article, we saw how we can integrate the Prometheus monitoring system with synchronous Python applications. We focused on WSGI applications such as those written in Flask or Django and deployed using uwsgi or gunicorn. In this post, we will discuss integrating Prometheus with asynchronous web applications written using aiohttp, an HTTP client/server framework built upon asyncio. Software ...

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Python Tkinter Tutorial

Today we will be talking about one python library that is used for GUI programming which is Tkinter. Table Of Contents 1. What is Tkinter? 1.1. More about Tkinter 1.2. Installing Tkinter 2. Examples 2.1. Basic examples 2.2. Widget 2.3. Frame 2.4. Event handling 3. Summary 4. Homework 5. Download the source code 1. What is Tkinter 1.1. More about ...

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Building a Remote Caching System: The Sequel

Last fall, Docker made some big changes that required us to overhaul how our Codeship Pro image caching system worked. Our director of engineering, Laura Frank, published a blog post explaining everything back when we launched this new system. The gist of this was that Docker no longer allowed images pulled from a remote source to be used as a ...

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Docker Commands for Development to Deployment

The objective of this article to understand the end to end flow of container development to deployment in target environment and list down the docker commands needed for every action. 1 Introduction The overall process consists of  i) develop a container image with your code, dependent software and configurations, ii) run and test the container in development environment, iii) publish the container image ...

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Tutorial: Learn Twitter Bootstrap Quickly

The aim of this tutorial is to get you up and running with Twitter Bootstrap framework quickly. Twitter Bootstrap has soared in popularity over the years and continues to be the go-to resource for front-end development. Let us explore the most common and frequently used components, features and css classes of this framework to get you up to speed. We ...

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