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CSS Margin Bottom Example

1. Introduction It is usually a good practice to space out the elements on your web page for easier viewing and readability. CSS provides properties like padding and margin which help with this. They both essentially add space around an HTML element, but with a key difference. While the padding property adds or increases the space between the element and ...

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CSS Horizontal Line Styling Example

1. Introduction In any web page or blog post, it is usually a good practice to identify and divide elements and sections which are logically separate. You could use HTML elements like div for encapsulating multiple page elements, ul and ol for organizing lengthy text into a more readable list-based format, or simply use hr to create a horizontal line. ...

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CSS Input Type Submit Example

1. Introduction When designing a website, one of the key points to consider is how the user is going to interact with it. A good website UI makes it easy for the end user to navigate your website and send information back to you, while maintaining a beautiful visual experience at the same time. CSS plays an important role in ...

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