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Monitoring Docker Containers with Elasticsearch and cAdvisor

If you’re running a Swarm Mode cluster or even a single Docker engine, you’ll end up asking this question: How do I keep track of all that’s happening? The answer is “not easily.” You need a few things to have a complete overview of stuff like: Number and status of containers If, where, and when a container has been moved ...

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Building Cross Model Search with Ember, Part II

In Part One of this two part series, we covered how to integrate Elasticsearch and Rails to query against multiple models. To illustrate this, we started a Rails app for an ecommerce store named Tember. It includes an Elasticsearch index made up of four different models using Toptal’s Chewy gem. Today we’re going to pick up where we left off ...

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Building Cross Model Search with Ember, Rails, Elasticsearch

With its accurate algorithms and autocomplete UI, Google has set the bar extremely high for web apps implementing custom search features. When a user searches your website, they don’t expect their query to only get results for one type of entity. For example, if you had a grocery store web app and someone searched for “banana,” the query results could ...

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