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Amjad Afanah is the founder of DCHQ. He has extensive experience in application deployment automation and systems management. DCHQ was part of 500 Startups.

Docker Service Discovery On Microsoft Azure – Docker Java App Load Balanced By Nginx Or Apache HTTP, Mongo Replica Set And Hazelcast Cluster

This project covers three service discovery use cases in Docker application deployments — including Nginx & Apache HTTP Server load balancing, Mongo Replica Set and Hazelcast Cluster. The service discovery framework in DCHQ provides event-driven life-cycle stages that executes custom scripts to re-configure application components. This is critical when scaling out clusters for which a load balancer may need to ...

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A Step By Step Guide For Deploying & Managing A PHP Application On Docker LAMP, LAPP, And LAOP Stacks

To run & manage the 9 PHP application templates (LAMP, LAPP, and LAOP Stacks) in this project on 13 different clouds and virtualization platforms (including vSphere, OpenStack, AWS, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, DigitalOcean, IBM SoftLayer, etc.), make sure that you either: Sign Up for FREE on DCHQ.io — http://dchq.io (no credit card required), or Download DCHQ On-Premise Standard ...

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