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Arieh is a longtime programmer with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise grade software projects. He has worked as server-size programmer, team leader and system architect in a mission-critical high-availability systems. Arieh is currently a Program Manager (PM) in the Microsoft ILDC R&D center for the Azure Active Directory Application Proxy, and also a PhD student at the Technion where he is developing a Visual Programming Language based on the graphical language of the Object-Process Methodology, using Java and the Eclipse platform.

JavaScript Tutorial – Part 5: Statements

While theoretically we can do anything with functions and simple data structures, but for some strange reasons programmers (unlike mathematicians) like their code to be readable and understandable by other human beings. So programming languages (and of course, JavaScript) have some build in statements to help us create more readable and easier to understand programs. We have the usual suspects: ...

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JavaScript Tutorial – Part 4: Object Creation and Prototype Chains

The term “Object-Oriented programming (OOP)” has been greatly overused, and JavaScript is not one of the exceptions. For someone who comes from many years programming in Java, learning JavaScript made me realize that the correct name for the paradigm used by programming languages like Java, C++, and C# (to name a few) is not Object-Oriented but Class-Oriented programming. Because in ...

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JavaScript Tutorial – Part 3: Variable Scope and Closures

Previous Tutorial: JavaScript Tutorial – Part 2: Variables, Functions, and Objects Naming is one of the hardest problems in programming. Since there are many things to decide when creating a program, programmers tend to use the same name for variables in many places. And because JavaScript is a very “promiscuous” language, this can cause serious bugs that can be very ...

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