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Barry is a business owner, infrastructure nut, and database obsessed web developer who spends too much time in Ruby, Go and PHP code. He blogs about it at brightball.com.

Docker Enables Polyglot Shops

If your infrastructure is Docker based, you’ve already created an environment that isn’t dependent on a single language. Step 2 is realizing why the words “standardize on language y” no longer make sense. A while back, I wrote a piece on how Heroku streamlines a lot of the pain points of microservice architecture. One of the big wins I talked ...

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Comparing Elixir and Go

Elixir and Go have both grown significantly in popularity over the past few years, and both are often reached for by developers looking for high concurrency solutions. The two languages follow many similar principles, but both have made some core tradeoffs that affect their potential use cases. Let’s compare the two by taking a look at their backgrounds, their programming ...

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Email as a Microservice

Email might be one of the most often overlooked pieces of any web application. Usually the biggest discussion around it in a project begins and ends with “and we’ll send them an email when this happens…”. A little thought and some minor adjustments can help us avoid some problems that will grow as your project does. Let’s talk about email ...

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Heroku Data Links with Postgres and Redis

PostgreSQL has a great feature called Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW) that allows it to connect directly to outside systems. Although the setup can be a little complicated, once it’s available you can run queries with joins or subqueries against them, insert data, create views, etc. Heroku has dramatically simplified the process of using FDW with PostgreSQL and Redis thanks to ...

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