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JavaScript Survival Tools for the Java Developer

Although I’ve worked with JavaScript a bit here and there over the years, I have not used it as regularly or consistently as I’ve used Java. I have also not used it for anything nearly as complex as for what I’ve used Java. Therefore, it is not very surprising that moving from commonly used Java to seldom used JavaScript offers ...

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A Java Developer’s Perspective on the Power and Danger of JavaScript’s Object Prototype

In the Anti-Patterns section of the book Learning JavaScript Design Patterns, author Addy Osmani calls “Modifying the Object class prototype” a “particularly bad anti-pattern.” One of the interesting (and scary) aspects of this is that a developer can change the behavior for all JavaScript objects with one definition. This is analogous to what would be possible in Java if a ...

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JavaScript Objects from a Java Developer Perspective

One of the challenges for Java developers learning and applying JavaScript is the very different interpretations each language has of “objects.” I find it much easier to context switch between Java and languages such as Groovy, Ruby, Python, C#, and C++ than switching context between Java and JavaScript. The other languages’ class-based approach to object-orientation is similar enough that their ...

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