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Eivar has graduated from the Faculty of Computer Systems Engineering from the technological University of Panama. During his career he has been involved in numerous projects ranging from programming and design of information systems, billing platforms, social networks, mobile applications and web applications. He works as an independent software consultant and is mainly involved with projects based on web technologies like Wordpress, Laravel, Servlets (Java), HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

jQuery File Upload Example and Demo

When you develop an application, most, if not all, of the times, you will have to provide some way for your users to upload files, for example to update their profile picture or to share a document. In this example, we will see how we can implement this using jQuery.                 Table Of ...

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JavaScript Inheritance Example

EDITORIAL NOTE: In this post, we feature a comprehensive JavaScript Inheritance Example. In object-oriented programming, inheritance enables new objects to take on the properties of existing objects. A class that is used as the basis for inheritance is called a super-class or base class. A class that inherits from a super-class is called a subclass or derived class. JavaScript is ...

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