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Jeremy Likness is a principal architect at iVision, Inc. He has been building enterprise applications using the Microsoft stack for 20 years with a focus on web-based solutions for the past 15. A prolific author and speaker, Jeremy's mission is to empower developers to create success in their careers through learning and growth.

Three Shades of Angular

In 2014 I presented at the Atlanta Code Camp and walked through building an AngularJS app starting from file … new. I used test-driven development to demonstrate how to create a functional application. I also wanted to demonstrate an app with multiple controllers that communicate with each other yet don’t rely on $scope, $watch, or even event broadcasting. You can view ...

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Continual Delivery of an AngularJS ASP.NET MVC Web API Entity Framework SQL App to Amazon AWS using Visual Studio Team Services

I know, that title is a mouthful. But that’s exactly what it is! A team at my company, iVision, has been working on an app using the AWESM stack for almost a year now. The app is structured like this: A SQL Database, tracked in source control as a database project A repository layer based on Entity Framework A REST-based ...

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Introducing the AngularJS AWESM Stack

I recently presented the AngularJS AWESM stack at the Atlanta Code Camp. This is a stack I’ve been using successfully for nearly four years now. It includes the following components: A is for AngularJS W is for ASP.NET Web API E is for Entity Framework S is for SQL Server M is for ASP.NET MVC Each component of the stack ...

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The Top 10 Lessons Learned from Enterprise JavaScript Development

A week ago I presented a talk at Atlanta’s ConnectJS conference. The title of the talk was “The Top 10 Lessons Learned in Enterprise JavaScript.” Because it was a JavaScript-focused talk I decided to author the presentation in JavaScript using one of Google’s Html5 projects. You can view The Top 10 Lessons from Enterprise JavaScript Development and also browse the ...

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An End-to-End AngularJS Guide

This isn’t a new eBook, a paperback or an online tutorial. I’ve been writing about Angular since it was in beta and have lots of material I believe is useful for developers with all levels of experience. Instead of forcing you to search haphazardly, this blog post organizes the content so you can jump directly to the post that you ...

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AngularJS Project Essentials

You’ve read the tutorials, watched the online demos and wrote the to-do list app in Angular. Now you’ve been assigned your first real world project. You create the project, hook in Angular, and start coding away. “Now what?” After over three years of writing Angular enterprise apps, I’ve found there are a few elements I almost always pull in. I ...

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The Top 5 Mistakes AngularJS Developers Make Part 4: Hacking the DOM

  This is the fourth part in a five-part series that covers common AngularJS mistakes. To recap, the top five mistakes I see people make are: Heavy reliance on $scope (not using controller as) Abusing $watch Overusing $broadcast and $emit Hacking the DOM Failing to Test In the previous posts I’ve covered some nuances around controllers and how they communicate ...

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