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Jesse is a senior engineer at MongoDB in New York City. He specializes in Python, MongoDB drivers, and asynchronous frameworks.

Testing Network Errors With MongoDB

Someone asked on Twitter today for a way to trigger a connection failure between MongoDB and the client. This would be terribly useful when you’re testing your application’s handling of network hiccups. You have options: you could use mongobridge to proxy between the client and the server, and at just the right moment, kill mongobridge. Or you could use packet-filtering ...

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Real-time Profiling a MongoDB Sharded Cluster

In a sharded cluster of replica sets, which server or servers handle each of your queries? What about each insert, update, or command? If you know how a MongoDB cluster routes operations among its servers, you can predict how your application will scale as you add shards and add members to shards. Operations are routed according to the type of ...

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Efficiently Paging Geospatial Data With MongoDB

From release 2.6, MongoDB includes a new minDistance option for geospatial queries. This is exciting because it lets you page through geospatial results very efficiently, and because it’s the first feature I’ve contributed to the database itself. I’ll measure how minDistance performs and show you an example app. Better, Faster I’m going to fill a MongoDB collection with the locations ...

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