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Playing with bit masks

With storage and bandwidth being easily available, compressing data for general use is less of a concern today than it was 20 years ago. However neither is free or unlimited, and with large scale applications a few bits can get multiplied over a few million connections; similarly, we may be talking to a client living on a smart toaster which ...

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Templating in Javascript

In the last few weeks I was doing some work with client side templates. Since most of the webbies seemed to be unfamiliar with the concept and had a wee bit of bother wrapping their heads around it, here’s a short explanation of the whole idea. Code for this post can be downloaded here or seen here. Formatting output with ...

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Templating a WordPress theme with Twig

Well, that wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. Some googling and a couple of experiments went a long way, and now I have a partial, unstyled, Twig-based theme happily running on WordPress. Twig is a templating engine for php. It has more than enough features to get me going, setting it up is as easy as falling ...

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Canvas Animation using interpolation

While drawing things on the canvas and scooting around them is nice, it gets old very fast. Instantaneously, if you’re an end user (unless you’re on a page for looking at things, in which case, no foul). On the other hand, there are far more efficient ways of rendering porn and/or amusing pictures of cats, so I’m going to go ...

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