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Karl Hughes is a startup fanatic, engineering team lead, and CTO at The Graide Network.

7 Ways to Improve Your Test Suite with Docker

I try to be disciplined in writing tests, but it’s usually not long before something gets in the way. Integration-testing interdependent APIs, verifying unusual server configurations, and seeding complex data make testing large applications tough. While plenty of solutions exist, I have found myself leaning on Docker more and more in the past year. Why Docker for Testing? If you ...

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Building a PHP Command Line App with Docker

Over the past few months, I’ve started using Docker for all my local development work. Previously I had experimented with VMs, but because we deal in microservices, running six or more VMs on my Macbook Pro was starting to get cumbersome. Docker has clear advantages in system utilization, but I also like that my local configuration can easily be used ...

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Incremental Software Development with PHP Microservices

Building complex software projects is almost always an iterative process. We rarely get to spend months designing and writing a complete project before releasing something to our users. This process of incremental software development can be accomplished in many ways, but one of my favorite strategies has been through microservices. I won’t cover microservices in depth as they’ve been covered ...

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Setting Up and Deploying a Modern PHP Application

Despite widespread adoption, PHP has long received criticism for being inconsistent and encouraging questionable development practices. That said, millions of developers use PHP regularly, and many of them are making real software that solves real business needs, so it’s important that we understand how to use the language and deploy it in a modern environment. Why PHP? First, let’s discuss ...

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