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Lubos is a Java/JavaScript developer/Tech Lead and Automation enthusiast. His religion is to constantly improve his developments skills and learn new approaches. He believes TDD drives better design and nicely decoupled code. Past experience includes C++, Assembler and C#.

Watch file changes and propagate errors with Gulp

Gulp fever infected me. Streaming model is very interesting and modern. After initial excitement, I started to experience first pitfalls. This is understandable for such young project. I am going to describe my problem with watching file changes and propagating errors. Error in Gulp by default breaks the pipe, terminates the build/test and whole Gulp process with some error code. ...

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Promises vs Callbacks – Code comparison

I am not going to highlight pros of promises and cons of callbacks. There is plenty of good reading about this topic out there. I was recently writing simple Node module and decided to learn promises during its implementation. The result  can be interesting as comparison of Promises vs Callbacks approach applied to the same problems, because project contains Two ...

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Multi module JavaScript project with Grunt

Writing blog post how I managed to configure multi module JavaScript project with Grunt for my spare time project. It is using Protractor for end-to-end testing, but I believe that this multi module approach would be easily portable onto non-Angular stack. In my spare time I work on pet project based on EAN stack (Express, Angular, Node.JS). (Project doesn’t need ...

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