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He is a web application developer with experience in a wide variety of fields such as agriculture, finance and freight. He's a JavaScript enthusiast and enjoy learning all new technologies. When he's not coding he's enjoying the Kansas City lifestyle with his wife and three dogs and he's currently learning how to play the guitar!

A Test-Driven Development Introduction to Angular 2 – Part 2

Updated for Angular 2 Release – I originally wrote this article/application when Angular 2 was still in beta. Now that it has released officially, I have updated the source code to reflect updates made to the Angular 2 framework for release. My approach to get this working was to start from the new Angular 2 quick-start project, port in the original ...

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AngularJS Unit Testing With Karma and Jasmine

One of the benefits of using AngularJS is that it is designed with testability in mind. Having integrated unit testing can help prevent bugs as projects grow in complexity and the number of developers. It also provides new devs with documentation on how to use existing code. In my last article, I explained how to use Test-Driven Development (TDD) to ...

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