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Traven is a security-minded programmer who loves to study psychology and philosophy also. He loves to chat about programming, cybersecurity, and the questions of life. He is the Lead Author of TheLastTechie and a freelance web developer in his free time.

What’s New in PHP 7.2: Literally Better Everything

As we all know, most web developers love and hate PHP with a passion. I’m one of those developers that absolutely love it. I know PHP like the back of my hand. Now, since 7.2 has been released, my love is growing even more! Let’s talk about the awesomeness that the newest version brings to us. Security is the Most ...

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The Weak Case Against Strong Encryption

I used to think that the idea of banning encryption was too absurd for discussion. Whenever a politician or government official suggested it, I figured it to be a ploy covering the real desire, which was not to ban encryption, but to require backdoors that would allow encrypted content to be accessed by government agencies. So it goes in the ...

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