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JavaScript Tutorial – Part 3: Variable Scope and Closures

Previous Tutorial: JavaScript Tutorial – Part 2: Variables, Functions, and Objects Naming is one of the hardest problems in programming. Since there are many things to decide when creating a program, programmers tend to use the same name for variables in many places. And because JavaScript is a very “promiscuous” language, this can cause serious bugs that can be very ...

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JavaScript Closures: Pass parameters to callbacks

Many JavaScript libraries allow to define callbacks. We often need to pass various parameters oder some context from outside to the same callbacks. JavaScript Closures makes it possible. The idea is to define two functions – one outer and one inner which acts as callback. The outer function can take parameters and pass them to the inner function. Thanks to ...

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JavaScript Closures

Closures are very important topic in JavaScript that you must understand if you want to master the language. The earlier you know about Closures, the better you will write your JavaScript code. But, from my experience, most of the JavaScript beginners either do not understand Closure or do not know that the existence of the topic at all. So, in ...

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