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Running Your Phoenix Tests Using Docker

One of the many benefits of using Docker is that it can make testing your applications much easier. Want to test out your Phoenix app on the newest version of Elixir? Easy — just change one line in the Dockerfile. In this post, we’ll walk through setting up a Phoenix project with Docker, which will allow us to run our ...

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Refactoring Faster Than You Can Spell Phoenix

Plug is a fantastic tool, and Phoenix is built on top of it! In my last blog post, we added a way to create sessions and tokens for authentication. However, we didn’t actually authenticate anything in our API. This time, we’re going to build a Plug that checks for an API token and inserts the current user into our application. ...

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Ridiculously Fast API Authentication with Phoenix

With Phoenix, productivity is a first-class citizen. Last time, we started an API and looked at how Phoenix promises similar if not more productivity than Rails. We scaffolded out a resource and talked about key concepts. Generators and scaffolds are a great way to see how things are done or to get an initial understanding. However, when building real-world applications, ...

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An Introduction to APIs with Phoenix

Phoenix is taking the internet by storm, with good reason. It’s productive, fault-tolerant, concurrent, safe as a compiled language, and blazing fast. It shares many of Rails’ core values, such as convention over configuration, restful resources, and a focus on developer happiness. The cherry on the top: Phoenix was designed from the ground up for WebSockets connections — so you ...

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Comparing Rails and Phoenix: Part II

In the first post of this two-part series, we touched on generating a new application and talked about the entry point to each application: the Router. We also discussed at a high level about how Phoenix apps can fit into larger OTP applications. In this post, we will be looking at the Model, View, and Controller, the parts that comprise ...

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Comparing Rails and Phoenix: Part I

As I was thinking about this article a few weeks ago, I was excited when I saw that Chris McCord, creator of the Phoenix Framework in Elixir, was on the Elixir Fountain podcast. One of the things they mentioned on the show was that they were tired of the comparison being made between Rails and Phoenix. The bias of coming ...

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