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Benjamin Cane is a systems architect in the financial services industry. He writes about Linux systems administration on his blog and has recently published his first book, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Troubleshooting Guide.

Up and Running with Vue.js

You don’t need another JavaScript framework. You’ve got one you’re using. Hopefully you’re happy with it. You just read eight other articles about other awesome, shiny, new, amazing, fabulous frameworks with astounding new features that will change your very existence into something incredible. Right? I did. Vue.js is (like many other frameworks) worthy of all of those adjectives. But none ...

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Getting Every Microsecond Out of uWSGI

In recent articles, I covered performance tuning both HAProxy and NGINX. Today’s article will be similar, however we’re going to go further down the stack and explore tuning a Python application running via uWSGI. What Is uWSGI In order to deploy a web application written in Python, you would typically need two supporting components. The first is a traditional web ...

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Pregenerating Static Web Pages for Better Performance

In my recent Tuning NGINX article, I talked about how it’s important to tune based on the specific needs of an application and its environment. In today’s article, we’re going to put that in practice. Last time, we tuned our environment by adjusting parameters within NGINX. Now, we’re going to explore a sometimes-overlooked aspect of tuning: making adjustments to how ...

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Running Services within a Docker Swarm

When Docker released its latest version, Docker Engine v1.12, it included quite a few changes to the capabilities provided by Docker Swarm. In today’s article, we’ll be exploring how to deploy a service using Docker’s Swarm Mode. Activating Swarm Mode on Ubuntu 16.04 Before we can deploy a service on a Docker Engine Swarm, we will first need to set ...

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Using Honcho to Create a Multi-Process Docker Container

A common misconception is that Docker is only for creating single-process or single-service containers. While it’s true that the Dockerfile and docker run command options are designed for running a single process, that doesn’t mean that Docker itself doesn’t allow for a multi-process Docker container. In fact, Docker’s documentation has a very useful tutorial on how to run multi-process containers ...

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Getting Started with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a highly popular open-source container management system. The goal of the Kubernetes project is to make management of containers across multiple nodes as simple as managing containers on a single system. To accomplish this, it offers quite a few unique features such as Traffic Load Balancing, Self-Healing (automatic restarts), Scheduling, Scaling, and Rolling Updates. In today’s article, we’ll ...

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