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A budding software engineer in the enterprise integration space, and a simplistic guy who likes to learn, appreciate, help, share, and enjoy life

Serverless is the new Build Server: Google CloudBuild (Container Builder) via NodeJS

Google’s CloudBuild (a.k.a. “Container Builder”) is an on-demand, container-based build service offered under the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). For you and me, it is a nice alternative to maintaining and paying for our own build server, and a clever addition to anyone’s CI stack. CloudBuild allows you to start from a source (e.g. a Google Cloud Source repo, a GCS ...

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Apps Script Navigator: UrlFetchApp Empowered with Cookie Management, Re-login and Much More!

If you are a fan of Google Apps Script, you would definitely have played around with its UrlFetchApp module, offering a convenient HTTP(S) client interface. As a frequent user of the module, although I admit that it is really cool, I always felt I needed a richer client, capable of handling stuff like automatic cookie management, proper redirection and logout ...

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