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Dynamic component loading with Angular2: replace compile

Just a quick article to show how you can do dynamic compilation in Angular 2. In Angular 1 we had the $compile directive, which we could use to programmatically compile a string and resolve any directives and other variable interpolations. In angular 2 there isn’t really an alternative for this and we have to jump through some hoops to get ...

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First steps with Angular 2: 8 cool features

I’ve been doing some work the last couple of weeks with Angular2. I really like it. Not just because it uses typescript, but also because it feels really natural and straightforward while working with it. No more string based dependency injection, or strange digest cycle stuff, it just seems to work. This last week I’ve migrated our beta-13 Angular app ...

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Render 3D Star Wars: The Force Awakens models in Blender and Three.js

Recently video copilot released a free set of high-definition professional grade 3D models (which you can download for yourself from here). This model pack, which is over 400MB big) contains highly detailed model with a number of very high-quality textures. In this short article, I’ll show you the workflow of converting these models into a format more easy to use ...

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Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio API: Filters

With the Web Audio API you can have advanced audio processing directly inside your browser. This API specifies a whole bunch of nodes you can use to create your audio processing pipeline. In a previous article I showed a number of these components, and how they can be used together to play back sound and visualize the results. In this ...

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Creating an Angular.js application without JavaScript: Scala.js

In my day job I work a lot with Angular.js. And while this is a great framework, sometimes I do miss the type-safety and advanced features of languages such as Scala. Getting “undefined is not a function” is not the the most informative error message you get when developing JavaScript applications. A couple of weeks ago I ran across a ...

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Browser to browser communication with Vert.x, websockets and HTML5

I’ve been playing around with Vert.x for a couple of weeks and I’m really starting to like the simplicity of the framework. With very little configuration you can quickly get impressive results. In this article I’m diving a bit deeper in how to set up browser to browser communication using the Vert.x eventbus by using the javascript client side API. ...

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