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Juri Strumpflohner mainly operates in the web sector developing rich applications with HTML5 and JavaScript. Beside having a Java background and developing Android applications he currently works as a software architect in the e-government sector. When he’s not coding or blogging about his newest discoveries, he is practicing Yoseikan Budo where he owns a 2nd DAN.

Learning Angular 2: Creating a tabs component

This is a follow-up article of thoughtram’s excellent article on developing a tabs component with Angular 2, where we’re going to explore an alternative way of creating a tab component by learning about @ContentChildren and AfterContentInit. That said, definitely read thoughtram’s article on how to develop a tabs component in Angular 2 first. Then come back and continue here . Ok, to recap, ...

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Componentizing Workflow for Angular 2

Yesterday I wrote a tweet about how I usually create components. Great workflow for refactoring unwieldy components :-) https://t.co/each4c2cm9 — Kent C. Dodds (@kentcdodds) December 9, 2015 A tweet is quite short, so let’s take a closer look at such workflow in more detail. Also, note that I’m using Angular 2 components here, but this holds in many other contexts ...

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Improve your Angular 1.x startup time

This neat and simple trick originally appeared about a year ago on this blog post, so it’s not something I came up with by myself. “Angular’s watcher functions for ng-bind and text nodes () put binding information inside the respective DOM elements using jQuery .data method. This is unfortunately a very expensive operation that impacts both load times and time ...

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Release your libs like a pro

Automate, automate, automate. That’s what ultimately is our job, right? We automate the tedious processes of our end-users. So why don’t we do it for ourselves as well? This guide quickly illustrates how to setup fully automated releases to Bower and NPM. And they’re even automatically semantic versioned. Bower, NPM, semantic versioning?? Sounds strange? Check out my article Node, Grunt, ...

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Preparing for Angular 2

I’m sure you heard about Angular 2 and that it will be totally different. Forget everything you know and start from scratch. Jokes apart, if you have taken a closer look you already know that, yes, it will be new, things will be different (as it’s mostly the case with new stuff), but many concepts will still be there. Well, ...

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Learning Angular: Expose an API on your directives

Ever wanted to not only create a nice, visually appealing directive or web component, but to also provide a more rich programmatic API with it? Read on to learn about two potential implementation approaches. This article is part of my “Learning NG” series, presenting some of my adventures while learning Angular. Check out the series intro and other articles. Note, ...

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