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Laura Frank is an engineer at Codeship. She loves containers, Docker, Golang, Ruby, and beer, not necessarily in that order.

The Future of Docker Is Open

Earlier this year, Docker announced native Kubernetes support within Docker for customers using Docker Enterprise Edition, Docker for Mac, and Docker for Windows. After the announcement, I sat down with Phil Estes, a senior member of IBM’s technical staff and a fellow Docker Captain, to talk about our predictions for the future of Docker. Phil and I both agree that ...

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What’s New in Docker 1.13

Docker just released version 1.13 of Docker Engine, which is full of new features to make deploying highly available services even easier. It also introduces some commands and workflows to improve the developer experience for Docker users. You can see the full release notes on GitHub, but here’s a summary of a handful of interesting updates. Orchestration updates Docker 1.13 ...

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Building a Remote Caching System

Last month, our engineering team shipped a large update to how Docker images are cached and stored when using Jet, our Docker platform. In this post, we’ll discuss the motivation for the update, the design and implementation of the feature, and cover some of the tricky engineering problems we faced. What Is Image Caching Anyway? Building a service with Docker ...

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Running Services in Docker 1.12

Great news! Docker for Windows and Mac is now in public beta, which means that Docker is that much easier to use for local development regardless of your preferred environment. You can download your preferred flavor of Docker at docker.com/getdocker. Starting today, Docker for Mac and Windows also ships with Docker v1.12-rc2. With the new release, Docker becomes a really ...

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Concurrency in Go Part II

This article is the last part in a two-part series about concurrency in Go. Check out the first part here. In Part I of this series, we covered the basics of concurrency in Go: the differences between concurrency and parallelism, and how to implement goroutines, channels, and buffered channels in Go. Armed with those building blocks, we can work on ...

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An Intro to Concurrency Patterns in Go

If you’re new to the Go programming language, it’s pretty likely that one of the first things you’ll hear about is Go’s baked-in concurrency support. If you’re curious about the basic concurrency patterns in Go, we’ll cover what concurrency is, and then go over a couple examples to help you understand the pattern. We won’t talk about some of the ...

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Using Docker for Rails Development

Over the first weekend in October, more than two hundred developers gathered in Ghent for ArrrrCamp, a serious-yet-pirate-themed Ruby conference. I was happy to deliver a talk on using Docker for Rails development. Below is a condensed version of the talk, which covers an introduction to containerization and the Docker ecosystem, as well as some examples of running Rails applications ...

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