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Creating Simple Component in Vuejs

Introduction In this article, we will look at creating a very simple component in Vuejs. Let me pick the example from my previous post and create a component for showing the loading message. Vuejs Component There are two ways to create Vuejs component Single file component (.vue file) – this contains the component HTML template, Javascript and CSS in a ...

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Creating Bootpag Like Pagination Component Using Vuejs

Introduction In this article, I will try to create a pagination Vuejs component similar to the one supported by jQuery Bootpag plugin. Component State The component should track the following: Current Page Callback to be executed page click Max visible page numbers Start and end of the range of page numbers visible Component Event Handlers The component handles 3 events: ...

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Using Mustache.js for Client-Side Templating

Introduction In this article, I will show you how to make use of Mustache.js for client-side templating. In this approach, we get the JSON data from an API, developed by you or a 3rd party API and build the HTML required for rendering the data at the client side. We will make use of GitHub APIs to demonstrate this technique. ...

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Getting started with JSON-P

I have during my college days used XMLHttpRequest object and its equivalent in Microsoft world to make Ajax calls and those Ajax calls were to the URL within the same domain. But with the advent of Webservices and whole lot of mashups being developed, Ajax calls are not restricted to same domain but the cut acorss different domains. When this ...

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HTML5 Geolocation API with Google Maps

I have been reading Head First HTML5 and read about the Geolocation support in HTML5 and also went through the example they have shared about using the Google Maps with HTML5 geolocation API. It was an interesting example and I went a step further and enhanced the example to show some eat outs around the current location. For this I ...

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