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I am a programmer and web developer, who has experience in developing websites and writing desktop and mobile applications. I have worked with both schematic and schemaless databases. I am also familiar with third party API and working with cloud servers. I do programming on the client side with Java, JavaScript, html, Ajax and CSS while I use PHP for server side programming.

HTML5 Web Workers Example

Web Workers are a welcome addition to the HTML. Since JavaScript is not a multiple threaded environment, it becomes impossible to run multiple scripts at the same time. Also when running scripts in html, the web page becomes unresponsive until the script stops or has run its course(this affects performance and leads to a bad user experience).   Web workers ...

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HTML5 3D Tutorial

In this example we are going to learn about HTML5 canvas 3D API. Canvas was added to HTML in HTML5. HTML5 canvas is a powerful tool (or container) that is used for drawing images and shapes.                       For this example we will use: A computer with a modern browser installed ...

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HTML5 Notification Example

In this example we are going to learn about HTML5 notification API.                           For this example we will use: A computer with a modern browser installed. notepad++. Wamp Server: You can actually use any server, the most important thing is that your app has to be hosted on ...

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HTML5 History API Example

Pre HTML5 we could only perform few basic operations on the browser history stack, simple operations like re-visiting a previously visited URL. Today (with HTML5) we can perform more complex operations on the browser history stack.   In this example we are going to develop simple modules that work with the new features added to HTML5 history API.     ...

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With the advent of HTML5 ( the new standard for the web ) also comes new API, with great features. This new set of API has made things that were quite difficult or outrightly impossible to do on the browser, possible.                     In this example we are going to demystify one ...

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Html5 Semantic Element Example

A semantic HTML element is an element which has its meaning clearly defined to both the browser and the developer. By merely looking at a semantic element or tag you can tell its function. In this example we will learn about HTML5 semantic elements.                 For this example we will use: A computer ...

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Html5 Onclick Event Attribute Example

In HTML and JavaScript parlance an event can be either something the browser does or something the user does. What this means is that both the browser and the user can trigger an event. An example of a user triggered event is a button click.                   An example of a Browser event ...

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HTML5 Number Validation Example

This Example will focus on Number validation on the web or simply HTML5 number validation. It is common place to process numbers on the web (the numbers might be a users age, date of birth or telephone numbers ). When or after collecting these numbers, it becomes necessary to validate this input, so as to avoid storing invalid or corrupted ...

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HTML5 Zoom Image Example

Zooming images is one useful technique every front end web developer should learn. You might need the knowledge in one of your projects. Zooming images can be tricky but after reading this article you would get the hang of it.                   In this example we would learn how to zoom images in ...

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