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AngularJS Integration Tests with Mocks and Magic

As a web developer I’m not a huge fan of full end-to-end tests. My opinion is changing with maturing frameworks like protractor but I still think looking for a “button” with an “id” is a fragile test that may have to change often. I am far more interested in what happens when the button is clicked than the button itself, ...

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jQuery Data Grid Control Example

In this example we will learn how to integrate a data grid plugin into a web application to display and manage many records of data instead of using the simple table element without manipulation. Most of these plugins provide a very flexible API to easily add/edit/remove records, paginate, sort and filter data based on predefined criteria. I have chosen for ...

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Creating an Angular.js application without JavaScript: Scala.js

In my day job I work a lot with Angular.js. And while this is a great framework, sometimes I do miss the type-safety and advanced features of languages such as Scala. Getting “undefined is not a function” is not the the most informative error message you get when developing JavaScript applications. A couple of weeks ago I ran across a ...

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jQuery File Upload Example and Demo

When you develop an application, most, if not all, of the times, you will have to provide some way for your users to upload files, for example to update their profile picture or to share a document. In this example, we will see how we can implement this using jQuery. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Tools we are going ...

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Javascript String Replace Example

Ever wrote an entire post about the simmilarities between two programming languages, and realized at the end of your 1000 word essay that “simmilarities” is actually written as “similarities”? Now you’d have to change that, and it’s horrible because you actually used that word like a dozen times! I would know that, as the engineering student who learned how to ...

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JavaScript inheritance example

JavaScript is a very popular object-oriented language. We use it every day in our web applications, it is also supported on many user interface (UI) frameworks like QT, and on server side applications (node.js). However this language is prototype based and does not implement a traditional class system. This is often confusing for developers whose are familiar with languages that ...

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Angular.js Form Validation Example

One of AngularJS advantages is the simplicity it provides for validating forms. Today’s example demonstrates a simple way to implement client-side validation using the AngularJS form properties. Suppose a form with two fields, username and email and two buttons, one for reset and the other with a submit role. Our example’s concept is that both of the form’s fields are required, ...

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Top 20 jQuery Interview Questions and Answers for JavaScript Programmers

Without a doubt, jQuery has given a much needed boost to JavaScript, a language so useful but equally underrated at times. Before jQuery came into picture, we used to write lengthy JavaScript code not just for bigger but even for smaller applications. That code was at times both difficult to read and maintain. Having written plain JavaScript before using this ...

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