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Declarative Beats Imperative: Transforming Data In JavaScript

The product I am working on is a fairly typical web application, based on React.js and Node.js. Its main task is to fetch data from different REST-ish services, combine them, and present them in an attractive manner to users. This data extraction and transformation – keeping only the items and properties we care about and structuring them in a way ...

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Did AngularJS Borrow Some Concepts from JSF?

Since Appery.io added support for Bootstrap and AngularJS, I have been using these frameworks a lot. Many years ago I have been using and teaching JSF and RichFaces frameworks. Surprisingly (or not), I see some concept similarities between AnguarJS and JSF. Obviously AngularJS and JSF are very different frameworks, but they do share some concepts. Let’s look at a simple ...

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Angular.js Controller Example

Hello! In today’s example we ‘ll see how do Angular’s controllers work. To get into this, I chose a simple form concept, where the user is prompt to insert his username. This updates an informative message (i.e. “Your username is “); I’ll also include a reset button, for demonstration purposes. 1. Required Background Before getting into the technical part of ...

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Javascript document.write() example

In this article we’ll consider some examples of using document.write() method. This method is commonly used for testing and dynamically generating page content while it’s loading. It’s a fast way to modify the document and may be used as an alternative to other approaches which are more suitable when the DOM is completely ready. Take a look at one small ...

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Javascript Number Format Example

We’ve all had to customize the formatting of a specific number, or a ton of them. Most of the time, if you have to format many numbers, it’s boring and annoying to format each one of them, so that’s why we use some specific ways in Javascript. Adding commas One of the most typical formatting you do to numbers is ...

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Angular.js Routing Example

Hey geeks! Today’s example is related with routing in AngularJS. What I firstly found out, while searching over the net for similar resources, is that there isn’t yet any simple example, suitable for an Angular newbie. So, I’ll try to keep today’s post as simple as I can. 1. What is routing in a web app Generally, web applications make ...

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JavaScript – A Tough Love

In the 90’s we were witnesses of browser wars. Wars which created one of the most hated languages: Javascript. Web designers touch by Javascript at the beginning of 21st century constantly refused to fix bugs titled as “It doesn’t work in Internet Explorer” or “Netscape Navigator doesn’t show…”. At this time we used pure languages and tried to understand the ...

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Backbone.js Events Example

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide basic understanding of backbone.js along with its components. We will be discussing that what backbone.js actually is and how it differs from other JavaScript libraries. In particular, we will be understanding its out of the box support for events with example. We will start from the very first step which is to set ...

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AngularJS Integration Tests with Mocks and Magic

As a web developer I’m not a huge fan of full end-to-end tests. My opinion is changing with maturing frameworks like protractor but I still think looking for a “button” with an “id” is a fragile test that may have to change often. I am far more interested in what happens when the button is clicked than the button itself, ...

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