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Introduction to Angular 2 – The fundamentals of Components

Although the internals of Angular 2 are still changing a lot, the public API for building components is already quite stable. In this post we will go through on how we can build components with this new version of Angular, based on some code examples (the code is available here). In this post we will learn the essentials of how ...

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Time Input Widget with AngularJS

I have been working with the AngularJS framework for a couple of years now. One of the features I love the most about Angular is the powerful directive system that allows you to extend and create your own HTML vocabulary. At one of my clients recently, there was a requirement for an HTML time input widget in which the user ...

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Preparing for Angular 2

I’m sure you heard about Angular 2 and that it will be totally different. Forget everything you know and start from scratch. Jokes apart, if you have taken a closer look you already know that, yes, it will be new, things will be different (as it’s mostly the case with new stuff), but many concepts will still be there. Well, ...

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Remote Access with $http service using AngularJS

Many a times you want to make an asynchronous invocation to the remote server from the client side JavaScript code. This can be achieved through the use of $http service. The article will demonstrate the basic use of $http service in AngularJS Think remote invocation, think $http. The $http service very neatly abstracts XMLHttpRequest object of the browser to enable ...

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Working with Filters in AngularJS

Filters in AngularJS are like data formatters. You could have a currency value stored in a db but want to render it on the UI by formatting it as a double value (with decimals) and prefixing it with currency symbol. This can be achieved using the concept called filters. Filter plays the role in formatting the expression (value or data) ...

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An End-to-End AngularJS Guide

This isn’t a new eBook, a paperback or an online tutorial. I’ve been writing about Angular since it was in beta and have lots of material I believe is useful for developers with all levels of experience. Instead of forcing you to search haphazardly, this blog post organizes the content so you can jump directly to the post that you ...

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Javascript Popup Example

In many cases it is useful to add a popup to your page or website. In Javascript there are ready made methods to do that, or you can create popups manually. Take a look! Methods for popping up boxes In Javascript there are three kinds of popup boxes: Alert boxes Popup boxes Confirm boxes Let’s take a closer look at ...

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Handling Events with Node.js

The events module in Node allows you to emit and handle events. Lot of in-built modules (objects) in Node has the ability to emit or broadcast an event. For example, the fs or File stream module emits an event named ‘data’ every time the data is read from the stream. The objects that emit events are referred to as event ...

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