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AngularJs 2 Series: Build Your Own Directive

Introduction Directives are simply instructions given in the form of HTML element, attribute or id. The selector meta data in the component is a directive. The selector is a HTML element or tag which can be placed in the HTML file to render your component. It also means we have a placed a directive to instruct HTML to render a ...

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AngularJs 2 Series: Binding The Data With DataBinding

Introduction Databinding is the communication of dynamic data between view and model layer of your application. View represents template and model could be your business logic defined in the component. Databinding comprises of property and event binding. Components have templates and data is passed to the template in the form of static HTML code snippet. With databinding, you go one ...

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8 Steps to Migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript

Solve App Problems 10x Faster with AppDynamics – Monitor production apps at code-level depth with minimal overhead. Start a FREE Trial! Recently, we’ve been moving our Browser RUM agent from JavaScript to TypeScript. Though it’s been a challenge, we enjoyed seeing how the change will benefit us and it’s been fun learning a new language in the process. Let me ...

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Quick Start: End-to-End Testing With Protractor

As AngularJS applications become more complex, manual testing becomes unreliable and repetitive. Unit Testing is a great start for testing the code, but eventually End-to-End testing is needed for better coverage. A great tool to use for this is Protractor, which is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications. In this blog, we’ll introduce the benefits of Protractor and give ...

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AngularJs 2 Series: Build Your Own Component

Introduction AngularJs 2 is a popular JavaScript framework to create Single Page Application (SPA). In a Single Page Application, upon client making the request the data fetched from the server or locally is rendered in the browser instantly without the page refresh. Only the area or part of the DOM, that needs to display the data, is changed. AngularJs 2 ...

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Writing a very simple JS editor

There are nice web editors out there which are ready to be used: you just download them and plug them in your page. I have used myself both CodeMirror and ACE in the past. For example I wrote a plugin for CodeMirror to support PlantUML. However there is an issue with these editors: they are difficult to extend and difficult ...

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Handlebars – A More Dynamic Way

Handlebars.js is a popular templating engine extension to the Mustache template language. While this post is not intended as an introduction to Handlebars, make sure to visit the Handlebars’ website here for that introduction. In this post, we’ll take a more philosophical role. We will explore how Handlebars is a dynamic template creation tool and what benefits logic-less templates afford us. ...

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An Introduction To Underscore.js

Recently I starting working in the Backbone.js framework which has dependency on the Underscore.js framework. Underscore is a JavaScript utility library with many useful functions to handle common programming use cases. I decided it would be a good idea to spend some time discovering what all the framework has to offer those within and outside of Backbone. In this blog, ...

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Angular.js Todo App Example

These days, Todo Apps are considered much like the former “Hello World!”, which means that a considerable part of the programming community uses Todo apps as a mean to get started with using a particular technology, especially in front end. This is one of the reasons why the number of Todo apps available on the internet by now is reaching very ...

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