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Building a Node Module That Connects to DB2

The NPM registry contains many Node modules that help you to connect to a wide variety of databases including MySQL, Oracle, Mongo and even IBM DB2. This article demonstrates how to write a very simple Node module that connects to DB2 using the ibm_db Node module provided by IBM. Key concepts covered in this article: Creating a simple Node module Using ...

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AngularJs 2 Series: Concept of Services

Introduction In this article I will demonstrate the concept of Services in AngularJs 2. I will show you how to develop a custom alert service that displays a message as an alert notification. We will use Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) to build the AngularJs 2 Service. The article assumes that you have already setup AngularJs with CLI. For more ...

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Up and Running with Vue.js

You don’t need another JavaScript framework. You’ve got one you’re using. Hopefully you’re happy with it. You just read eight other articles about other awesome, shiny, new, amazing, fabulous frameworks with astounding new features that will change your very existence into something incredible. Right? I did. Vue.js is (like many other frameworks) worthy of all of those adjectives. But none ...

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AngularJS Tutorial: Developing AngularJS Applications using VS Code

How to develop AngularJS applications on your local computer In the previous installment of this series, we talked about how to create a “Hello, World” AngularJS application using Plunker, which is itself written using Angular. While using Plunker may be good for quick prototyping and showing your achievements to others, you’ll be more productive by developing your code on your ...

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AngularJS Tutorial: Introduction to End-to-End Testing of AngularJS Applications using Jasmine and Protractor

In the previous installment of this series() we discussed how to create a simple Hello World application using AngularJS. In this tutorial you will start learning how to streamline the development process and would tools Angular offers to the developers. When project is under active development, new features are often added to it and some previously created features are modified. ...

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Setting Up Angular 2 MockBackend

I recently finished up on a client project developing one of the company’s first Angular 2 applications, which would be the first such application to go to production. I was on a team that consisted of only two developers: one for the backend RESTful web services and myself on the frontend Angular 2 application. When we first were getting the ...

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AngularJs 2 Series: Host Event Binding With HostListener

In one of the previous article Binding The Host Element With @HostBinding, I showed you how to bind property to the host element using @HostBinding decorator. We enabled the highlight directive or attribute on the host element by binding the color to its style.background property. In this article I will use the same Typescript class and show you how you ...

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AngularJs 2 Series: Binding The Host Element With @HostBinding

Introduction In one of the previous article Build Your Own Directive, I showed you how to build or develop a custom highlight attribute that highlights the text background with yellow. We made use of Renderer service to render an element with the background style color to yellow. The element reference (which contained the text) was obtained using ElementRef type. We ...

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AngularJs 2 Series: Custom Event Binding

Introduction In one of the previous article on databinding, I demonstrated the use of native event binding like button click. Here in this article I will show you how to create your own custom event and listen on to it. We will create a component with a custom event that will emit or send some data and another component will ...

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