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HTML5 Dropdown menu example with CSS3

Introduction The web has evolved into something more than just linked documents; pages behave increasingly these days like apps. Even a few years ago we would be looking at using JavaScript to create interactive, attractive menus. With HTML5 and CSS3 now standard in most modern browsers, web developers can easily and quickly create attractive and responsive menus. Today we will  ...

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HTML5 File Upload Example

Today I’ll explain how to use HTML 5, to read information about file(s) selected by users, and to upload the file(s) on a server. The FileApi is one of the most interesting features added with HTML 5. Now we can display file(s) information before they are uploaded on the server, and we can send them without “posting” a form. We’ll see how to ...

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Why OpenLayers3 does not render my GeoJSON?

OpenLayers3 offers the ol.source.GeoJSON class that allows to read data from a GeoJSON source (an URL, a JavaScript object or a text string). Maybe you, like me, has spent some time trying to understand why your GeoJSON data is not rendering properly: projection is fine, your GeoJSON is well formed and validated but OpenLayers3 doesn’t return any features and so ...

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How to write effective and SEO-friendly blogs?

Everybody around you seems to be blogging and talk about effective and SEO-friendly content. You get all of this but don’t know how would you write SEO-friendly content. Where do you start? And what to blog about? How to structure content so that it shows up on Google SERP and drive traffic to your blog. If you are interested in details, read ...

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Kudos for your site – powered by Firebase

I don’t quite remember, guess it was about more than a year ago when I came across a Svbtle-hosted blog where I noticed a small little circle, bouncing when you hover it and showing a number followed by “Kudos”. What are Kudos? Read ahead and see how I created my own version using Firebase as the backend storage. Note, if ...

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CORS and how to enable it in Apache Web Server

Since some time ago, more and more techniques have been applied in Web Development to obtain information from the server in client side, avoiding the need to reload the page or moving into another to see a last minute update or the result of a form submitting. AJAX is a group of interrelated Web development techniques used on the client-side ...

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JavaScript Try Catch Exception Example

An important issue to solve, for those of you who use JavaScript as their programming language of choice, is handling errors. They are inevitable and unpredictable and can happen anytime, so this is out of your control (or anyone else’s control, for that matter), but what you CAN choose is how you handle them. Below, we will show you how ...

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AngularJS UI-Router – Components

This is the second post of a series of 3, presenting AngularJS UI-Router library: Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Components AngularJS UI-Router – Example Components As stated in the introduction to this routing library, the AngularJS UI-Router is built around states which allow us to have states bound to URLs like ngRoute module, but also leave us to have nested states ...

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Using AngularJS to Extend Your Code Quality

The AngularJS API provides a function named extend that can help improve your code quality and efficiency. I always look for ways to improve quality, increase efficiency, reduce risk and eliminate ritual and ceremony when I am developing software. Perhaps the simplest way to express this is the DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself). I prefer a refactoring-driven approach to this ...

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