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JQuery Autocomplete Widget Example

By now everyone who has used a search engine has experienced auto-complete functionality at work. Originally intended to help those with physical limitations reduce the need for keyboard input, it has become commonplace on nearly every input element across a variety of software. In this article we will look at the details of the JQuery Autocomplete widget; how to implement ...

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JavaScript For Loop Example

We hear a lot about loops, especially for loops. So what, in fact, are they? They’re just pieces of code that repeat the same commands several times, until you reach a desired conclusion, without getting you bored out of your mind, repeating your code. This is how we JavaScript guys do it. Syntax You will definitely have to know the ...

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Rule Engine for Node.js

Based on my original blog posting, this posting introduces a ported Javascript version of my rule engine, for Node.js. I have the requirement to use a rule engine. I want something light weight and fairly simple, yet powerful. While there are products out there which are super good, I don’t want something with the big learning overhead. And, I fancied ...

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Notes On JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance

I’ve recently been working a lot with JavaScript (specifically, Backbone with Marionette) after many years of working predominantly with Java. When I start something that is a little different for me, it is always my tendency to want to jump in and start using it immediately. But in this situation, I have found that understanding the basics in parallel is ...

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Efficiently Paging Geospatial Data With MongoDB

From release 2.6, MongoDB includes a new minDistance option for geospatial queries. This is exciting because it lets you page through geospatial results very efficiently, and because it’s the first feature I’ve contributed to the database itself. I’ll measure how minDistance performs and show you an example app. Better, Faster I’m going to fill a MongoDB collection with the locations ...

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ngEurope: about AngularJS 1.3, new router and the future 2.0

Being passionate about AngularJS, me and two fellow JDriven colleagues visited the ngEurope conference. The amount of presentations during ngEurope was somewhat overwhelming, especially during the mornings without any scheduled break. Good thing I made some notes, that the slides are already available on-line and that someone published quite detailed notes for all sessions. Without all this I might simply ...

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JavaScript Submit Form Example

Submit forms are everywhere these days, and usually done with jQuery. This time we’ll teach you how to build them using JavaScript’s submit() function, which keeps form identity, be it class, id, tag, or name. Setting it up First of all we create three files: an HTML file, a JavaScript file and a CSS file with these names: index.html, submit_javascipt.js ...

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JavaScript Sort Array Example

Array sorting is a key development technique applied in a variety of situations. Below we’ll show you exactly how to use it, be it sorting an array of numbers, names or structures, ascending, descending or even randomizing and reversing an array. The sort() method The sort() method sorts the elements of an array and returns the array. The sort is ...

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