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The best way for sharing data between controllers in AngularJS 1.x

You may know the situation in AngularJS 1.x when multiple independent controllers need to share some data. E.g. one controller adds some data that should be available in the other controllers in the same view. So far as I know there are three possibilities: Using $scope, e.g. $scope of a common parent controller or $rootScope Using publish-subscribe design pattern via ...

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Python Logging Example

Logging is a process through which an application pushes strings to a handler. That string should be a line containing information about the piece of code from which it was sent and the context in that moment. It is a feature every application must have, and it’s as important as any other functionality you add to the application in question. ...

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Three Shades of Angular

In 2014 I presented at the Atlanta Code Camp and walked through building an AngularJS app starting from file … new. I used test-driven development to demonstrate how to create a functional application. I also wanted to demonstrate an app with multiple controllers that communicate with each other yet don’t rely on $scope, $watch, or even event broadcasting. You can view ...

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How To Deadlock Your Python With getaddrinfo

What happens if you run this code? import os import socket import threading def lookup(): socket.getaddrinfo('', 80) t = threading.Thread(target=lookup) t.start() if os.fork(): # Parent waits for child. os.wait() else: # Child hangs here. socket.getaddrinfo('', 80) On Linux, it completes in milliseconds. On Mac, it usually hangs. Why? Journey To The Center Of The Interpreter Anna Herlihy and I tackled ...

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7 Tips for Continuously Deploying Single Page Apps

Single page apps deliver fantastically rich user experiences, and they open up an entirely different avenue for continuous deployment. Separating out a front-end application from the server is a sound strategy for breaking up the responsibilities of the team. Maintaining a separate front-end code base allows teams to iterate on features quickly and interact through formalized contracts in the form ...

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Object Oriented Javascript Tutorial

While typically programming is a set of rules based on certain actions and logic, with time, programmers realized that everyday problems might need a somehow different approach in order to be solved efficiently. That is where Object Oriented Programming comes to play. But what is OOP? Let’s discuss it below!         What is Object Oriented Programming? OOP ...

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Mock responses to HTTP calls with network traffic simulation by using ngMockE2E

The AngularJS’ module ngMockE2E allows to fake HTTP backend implementation for unit testing and to respond with static or dynamic responses via the when API and its shortcuts ( whenGET, whenPOST, etc). In this post, I will only demonstrate how to respond to any HTTP calls by mocking the responses. We will also see how the network load can be simulated. Such behavior gives ...

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Python Threading / Concurrency Example

Threads are processes which run in parallel to other threads. In a utopian scenario, if you split a big process in 2 threads, these threads will run in parallel so it would take half the time. This is not true in most cases. Using CPython, there is a mutex that prevents multiple native threads from executing Python byte codes at ...

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