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JQuery Settimeout Example

The aim of this example is to show you how to use the jQuery setTimeout() method. Sometimes we need to execute a javascript code after some seconds, the jQuery setTimeout() method can be used for this purpose. This method takes two parameters: The first is the javascript that need to be executed. The second is the delay time in milliseconds. ...

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5 Reasons Automated Testing Is Worth the Investment

In many engineering disciplines, testing is an accepted practice. It’s not something considered an afterthought or a separate process. It’s seen as a core part of the profession. Something you do without exception. But in software development, testing doesn’t seem to be quite so absolute — yet. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want to start a flame war about this. ...

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Python Dictionary Example

Dictionaries in Python are data structures that optimize element lookups by associating keys to values. You could say that dictionaries are arrays of (key, value) pairs. 1. Define Their syntax is pretty familiar to us, web developers, since its exactly the same as JSON’s. An object starts and ends in curly braces, each pair is separated by a comma, and ...

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Async for Node.js

Async module for node.js saves the day when it comes to synchronizing asynchronous tasks, or executing them in a serial manner. To execute tasks in order, you can use the series method. var async = require('async'); var somethingAsynchronous = function(callback) { console.log('Called something asynchronous'); callback(); }; var somethingElseAsynchronous = function(callback) { console.log('called something else asynchronous'); callback() }; async.series([ function(callback) { ...

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Structuring CSS Selectors With Sass Mixins

CSS naming can be one of the most challenging things in creating large-scale style systems in an application. There have been a lot of great practices, methodologies, and conventions that have arisen in the last few years to help. Popular examples that you might have heard of include BEM, OOCSS, and SMACSS. One that I would like to introduce to ...

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Mind the learning gap

Learning new things is hard work. When you finally complete a project, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Everything is going your way, you’re smart and you can tackle anything. You deserve to take a break for a few weeks because you did such a good job and completed your project earlier than planned. It’s a dangerous ...

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JavaScript Hashmap Example

You might have heard of hash maps or hash tables while programming. If you’ve only used Javascript, there is a chance this is the first time you’re hearing about them, as they are not a native object in this language. However, there are multiple ways to implement them in your work, if that is what your project needs, and you ...

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Year-long goals are too long

With the new year, everything you wish to improve about your life and your skills come back to the surface. Everybody is making lists and sharing them online, so it’s hard not to join in the fun even if you don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Don’t get me wrong: I believe it’s useful to set resolutions and goals but ...

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Docker Service Discovery On Microsoft Azure – Docker Java App Load Balanced By Nginx Or Apache HTTP, Mongo Replica Set And Hazelcast Cluster

This project covers three service discovery use cases in Docker application deployments — including Nginx & Apache HTTP Server load balancing, Mongo Replica Set and Hazelcast Cluster. The service discovery framework in DCHQ provides event-driven life-cycle stages that executes custom scripts to re-configure application components. This is critical when scaling out clusters for which a load balancer may need to ...

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